The two big celebrity guest stars this season are Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker. We’ve already seen Hudson as the tough and snarky NYADA instructor Cassandra July. And this Thursday, we’ll be introduced to the editor of, Isabelle Wright, played by Parker.

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In this first look video, Kurt is at Vogue to interview for an internship. When the two first meet, Isabelle get excited over the fact that the two of them are from Ohio. And Kurt explains how he came up with his fashion choices over the years: “I made most of them and searched the Internet for bargains. And that half-sweater there at the bottom, that belonged to my dead aunt; I found it in her attic.”

Take a look below to see what else has inspired his fashion style:

Based on this short preview, are you looking forward to seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in her multi-episode arc on Glee? And will Vogue be a better fit for Kurt than NYADA?

Glee airs Thursdays at 9pm on FOX.

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