Even though Brennan and Booth’s relationship ended on a positive note last week, you had to see the tension coming. This week’s episode deals with the after effects of Brennan and Booth restarting their relationship.

Strain and Stress

The awkwardness starts in the morning as they get ready for the day. There’s Brennan making breakfast when Booth’s usually the one in front of the stove. There are the kisses that don’t quite end up where they’re supposed to. All foreshadowing what’s to come.

At the scene of the latest crime, it doesn’t get any better. But now, everyone else is noticing that something isn’t quite right between Brennan and Booth.

Their interaction continues to unravel when Booth suggests taking Christine to a carousel — you know, a thing a father would do with his daughter. But Brennan lets him know it’s not a good idea because when she took her, she didn’t like it, a blunt reminder of the fact that they were gone the last three months.

Ups and Downs

Sometimes, I forget Booth hasn’t put a ring on it. So to hear Brennan yell to remind Booth — and us — of that makes it even harder to watch. To think that when she was on the run, a small part of her may have enjoyed that life. And to think that her happiness isn’t somehow intertwined with Booth’s, which Sweets suggests.

I hate seeing them fight. But it’s one of those things where you know it has to happen for things to get better. Take a step back in order to go two steps forward.

And here I’m reminded of how frustrating Brennan makes me sometimes because she seems selfish and oblivious to how her actions affect those around her. But as always, that frustration barely lasts long. Even though her rational mind makes her seem unemotional or emotionally unattached, she’s not purposefully trying to hurt those around her.

All along, Booth and Brennan are tiptoeing around addressing what happened. Booth has been bottling up all of his anger. Only when they start acknowledging this can progress be made — and it does by the end of the episode. And it shouldn’t be a coincidence that the case they solve involves a divorce lawyer.

Finding Perfection in Imperfections

You have to hand it to Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. All the yelling and screaming and the pain they feel are so believable because the chemistry between two characters like that is rare. 

Their relationship is not perfect, and I love how the show isn’t afraid to address that. It would not have made sense if these two went back to the way things were so quickly — Angela reminds us that a person can change in three months.

But it doesn’t mean it won’t work. Booth reminds us that at the end of the day, things will be okay — the relationship is worth fighting for. 

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