In anticipation of tonight’s Britney Spears tribute, “Britney 2.0,” FOX has released another performance clip from the episode, this one of Rachel taking on the smash hit “Oops I Did It Again.” And if Glee hasn’t proven yet that they’re a 9pm show now (and thus can get away with a lot more), this will sure do it.

Rachel’s in her Dance 101 class performing while the other students accompany her on the choreography. Cassandra July (Kate Hudson) looks on with squinted eyes and scowling every step of the way.

Steamy, right? Towards the end, Cassandra’s facial expressions seem to change ever so slightly — either she’s realizing how good Rachel really is or trying to come up with another insult.

What do you make of this provocative performance? Did Rachel do the song justice? And what do you think Cassandra’s comeback will be?

Glee airs Thursdays at 9pm on FOX.

(Image and video courtesy of FOX)

Jeff Dodge

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