The Person of Interest season 2 premiere is exactly one week away and already we’re getting information on what’s to come this season. TV Guide reports that there will be least two upcoming guest stars that will have a strong impact on Reese and Finch. 

A diabolical adversary?

First up, handsome English actor Julian Sands (24, Smallville) will be heading to the show for one episode. Sands is set to play Alistair, a character described as “a diabolical international adversary who gives Reese a run for his money.” So far, the actor is only appearing in a single episode, but apparently the producers are hoping to bring him back again. 

Reese is every bit the badass and while I do adore that about him, I am excited to see a character that can supposedly give him a run for his money. Watching Reese dispatch bad guys as easily as he does, leaving them with bullet wounds in their legs faster than you can blink, is nice but I also like to see him challenged sometimes too. Sounds like this Alistair could end up being quite the adversary for him. 

Romance in the air?

Secondly, it looks like Finch is going to get a return visit from his former fiancée. Michael Emerson’s real-life wife, Carrie Preston (True Blood) will be coming back in an upcoming episode that will reportedly explore the romantic pasts of all the characters. 

Seeing as how we are getting this information so early in the season, I doubt that this episode will happen around Valentine’s Day but it sure sounds like one that would go with that particular holiday. Or perhaps they’ll use the subject matter as a Christmas/New Year episode. Either way, I’m really looking forward to finding out more about everyone’s romantic lives. More likely than not, the episode will deal with romance in the past, but wouldn’t it be interesting if we found out more about someone’s current love life? All of them spend most of their time catching bad guys, but what if someone in the group had a secret lover? 

Are you looking forward to seeing Reese meet his match this season? What do you think of delving deeper into everyone’s love lives? 

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV