Anybody who’s a Glee fan should follow creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy on Twitter pronto. He just joined the social networking website earlier this week, and has already revealed many teasers and spoilers for the upcoming season 4 of the FOX musical.

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But the biggest gift to fans came today in the form of a video. Back in December, the Christmas episode, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” was running long on time and certain scenes had to be cut (including Santana performing “Santa Baby”). One scene in particular stood out to Klaine fans. A promo photo released ahead of the episode’s airdate showed Kurt opening a small present from Blaine. Everyone wanted to know what the gift was and to see that scene.

Once Murphy joined Twitter, it looked like we were one step closer, as he tweeted yesterday, “If you Gleeks can get me to 500,000 followers, I will release the ‘Box’ scene exclusively on my Twitter.” That could take a while, considering he had less than 100,000 followers at the time. But maybe fans begged him hard enough, because while he’s still not even close to 500,000, the scene has been released:

“Gleeks are the best fans in the world. Because you asked for it…here is the long lost Klaine Box Scene.”

The scene takes place after the holiday special that New Directions took part it and after they went to the homeless shelter. “If that’s an engagement ring, my answer’s yes,” Kurt blurts out. Blaine’s Christmas gift is a promise ring, made out of gum wrappers. And what is Blaine promising exactly? “To always love you, to defend you even if I know you’re wrong … to always pick up your phone call no matter what I’m doing…” Hopefully, this promise ring still has meaning to them in season 4, as there are rumors the two might break up, since Kurt will eventually be heading to New York.

What do you make of this deleted scene? Do you think it should have been kept in the episode?

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