In tonight’s episode, Annie’s (Piper Perabo) latest mission gets complicated when her asset, Simon, arrives in D.C.

An Uninvited Guest

Lena (Sarah Clarke) tells Annie they received Intel that Simon contacted a thief who just hit a very high-profile target. Whatever was stolen is classified, but every agency is trying to get a win in this case. In an attempt to get a leg-up on the competition, Annie gets in touch with her one-time ally, FBI agent Rossabi. Annie gives Rossabi the thief’s name in an attempt at cooperation but Lena worries that it could trace back to Annie’s investigation into Simon. Lena’s instincts may be right, as Simon turns up in D.C., presumably to make an exchange with the thief.

Maintaining a Cover is Hard Work

When Simon asks to stay with her, Annie sends out an emergency message and Lena’s team puts together a fully decked-out cover apartment for her. The ruse works and Annie’s cover remains in-tact, at least until the next morning when the two go to breakfast. Simon excuses himself to take a call and Annie runs into her FBI buddy, who is planning to bust both the thief and the buyer at their meeting later that day. When Simon returns, Annie claims Rossabi is a colleague from the Smithsonian and Simon appears to believe her. Annie then informs Lena of the upcoming bust and Lena orders Annie to detain Simon so he does not get arrested at the meeting. Annie tries to do just that by giving Simon an ultimatum, but Simon choses to go to his meeting anyway.

Simon Says

Annie pleads with Rossabi to call off the bust but he refuses because too many other agencies are in play. Fortunately, the buyer who arrives at the meeting is not Simon. Unfortunately, when the buyer and the thief are caught, neither man has the stolen goods. After the failed bust, Lena tells Annie that her mission with Simon is over and she is sending Annie back to the DPD. Lena also informs Annie that Simon played her and must have pegged her as a spy from day one. Though that seems to be the case as Simon makes off with the stolen goods, Simon surprises Annie with another visit later that night and says he is done playing games. Will their connection prompt Annie’s return to Lena’s department or will she pursue Simon under Joan’s (Kari Matchett) leadership?

Auggie’s Day from Hell

Meanwhile, after working late at the office, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) returns home and Parker has packed her bags. Auggie manages to convince her to stay for the night but she leaves the next morning, returning his engagement ring. Heartbroken over the break-up, Auggie winds up getting into a bar fight and is subsequently arrested. The poor guy just could not catch a break this week.

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