This week on True Blood we learn the identity of the vampire who killed Sookie’s parents, though that’s obviously on the start of something big. Elsewhere Luna becomes a skinwalker, Tara becomes a pet owner, Bill becomes an evil genius and Alcide has hot werewolf sex.

Faerie Time Travel

With an assist from the faeries who apparently know how to time travel (because Einstein was a Halfling), Claude and the others take Sookie to where her parents died so she can channel her dead mother and see her old memories from the night she was murdered.

In flashbacks we see that the vampire (who reminds me a bit of that movie Darkman) killed her parents, but was then zapped by Claudine, who knew him. She called him Worlow, and the weird thing is that Sookie actually mind-melded with him and is seeing him in her house. The whole thing is creepy and Claude seems very, very concerned about the Elders learning that Sookie mentally connected to this vampire.

I really hope this Worlow stuff connects to the Sanguinistas and Lilith, because I hate having Bill and Eric removed from everything else this season. And it wouldn’t hurt if it’s all connected to the Shifter Killings too.

Destroy Tru Blood

Elsewhere the Sanguinistas are still reveling in their massacre. Eric’s vision of Godric prompts him to try and convince everyone that what they’re doing is wrong, but he doesn’t succeed.

Bill gets a nice flashback to 1910 where he visited his daughter Sarah on her deathbed. She begged him to help save her by turning her, but he refused. In the present, Bill is “evolving” into one of the leaders of the Sanguinistas.

At a group meeting (where Russell is too busy flirting with Steve Newlin to focus on killing all the mainstreamers), Bill comes up with the best plan to push their agenda. He suggests bombing the five Tru Blood plants around the world, thus forcing vampires to drink actual human blood. It’s kind of genius, in a Bond villain sort of way.

A Tale of Two Sams

In the hospital Luna shifts into Sam and has no idea what’s going on. She eventually finds him and turns back, but not before Sam shares a very strange scene with himself. Also, since Luna can shift into another human, this means she killed a shifter member of her family. Maybe she aborted Sam’s baby?

Hoyt Saves Jessica

Hoyt’s new Shifter Killer pals try to do him a favor by capturing Jessica and letting him kill her. But as much as Hoyt hates Jessica for destroying his heart, he can’t kill her. He frees her and goes for help, but gets held at gunpoint for his troubles. Sheriff Andy still arrives to rescue Jessica, though Luna smelled a fat old lady at the house the Shifter Killers were staying at. The only fat lady smoker I know is Hoyt’s mama, so is she the leader of these nutjobs?

Hot Werewolf Sex

Alcide and Rikki get hot and heavy with some very naked, very aggressive sex. I’m not sure what the point of this scene was, but who cares.

Later Alcide has his Packmaster Battle with J.D., and the rules involve chasing an animal and being the first to capture it. But when J.D. decides the animal is a college kid, Alcide forfeits. He also gets into a fight with J.D. and almost gets killed, but Martha and Rikki step in and tell J.D. to have a little mercy since he already won.

Tara’s New Pet

Tracy, the annoying dress shop owner, visits Fangtasia and lobs some racist crap at Tara. Pam doesn’t like this so she captures Tracy, ties her up downstairs and glamours her into being Tara’s food whore slave.

Lafayette + Terry

You know how all season I’ve complained about Lafayette and Terry’s storylines being the two worst? Well now the show has combined them into one mega-awful storyline. Arlene and Holly beg Lafayette to do a fake seance to convince Terry the fire monster isn’t out to get him. But instead Lafayette ACTUALLY channels the dead Iraqi woman and says the curse will only be lifted if Terry kills Patrick, or vice versa. It’s the Hunger Games!

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