It’s the end of the line for The Big C. Showtime’s cancer dramedy starring Laura Linney has been renewed for a fourth and final season, although the last season will look very, very different from the rest of the show.

The Big C season 4 will consist of just four hour-long episodes as opposed to the 10-13 half-hour episodes that it usually has.

This is highly unusual, but it seems like Showtime is only renewing it so the creator can wrap up the story. On The Big C, Cathy Jamison was diagnosed with terminal cancer and every season has represented a season. The fourth season will bring it to a full year.

Will Cathy survive her cancer at the end? If not, the show may officially lose its “comedy” credentials. Whatever the case, it’s nice to see that the show is getting to end its storyline and not getting cut off mid-stream like United States of Tara.

It also makes me wonder: Will The Big C compete as a Miniseries at the Emmys next year, since four hour-long episodes seems very Downton Abbey-esque?

(Image courtesy of Showtime)

John Kubicek

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