If I was as cool as Barney Stinson and had the means to put together a “Meghan’s Favorite Things,” I’d probably include a Buffy the Vampire Slayer box set for everyone. So I’m very excited about this news, and hope I’m not the only one:

When How I Met Your Mother returns in January, two of Alyson Hannigan’s fellow Buffy alums, Danny Strong and Alexis Denisof (who also happens to be her husband) will be stopping by as guest stars.

Danny Strong, who played super-nerd turned nerdy-villain Jonathan, will play a “noogey-loving bully from Marshall’s [Jason Segel] past” in an early spring episode, CBS tells the LA Times’ Show Tracker.

You’ll probably remember Denisof (who played Wesley on Buffy and Angel) as Robin’s former co-anchor, Sandy Rivers. He’ll return along with the series on January 3 in the episode “Bad News,” in which, according to CBS, “just when Robin thinks she has a brand new start at her dream company, Sandy Rivers shows up and throws a huge wrench in her plans.”

In the same episode, according to the description from CBS, “Marshall and Lily fear they will never get pregnant, they see a specialist who can hopefully help move the process along.”

Also of note about “Bad News,” though we have no episode photos yet: Neil Patrick Harris is credited twice in the episode. Besides Barney, he’ll also play a character named “Dr. Stangel.” This should be interesting.

Who’s your favorite HIMYM guest star? Is it a Whedon alum? Because, as the LA Times point out, there have been a lot of them. Now, if only we could get Sarah Michelle Gellar to join in.

(Images courtesy of WENN)