Glee hasn’t been on the air since February 21. And after an excruciatingly long wait, it’s back, Gleeks! So if you don’t remember what happened before the break, here’s the deal: Sue’s pregnant. Rachel and Finn had planned to get married. But Quinn was running late and was texting back and forth with Rachel, saying she’s on her way. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, boom! An oncoming car hits her, and we fade to black. And that’s what you missed on Glee!

Tonight, we find out if Quinn survived the crash (though we already knew the answer to that), Blaine’s older brother stops by, Puck gets inside Finn’s head about his future and Sue gets some shocking news.

Is Quinn Alive?

Glee doesn’t beat around the bush. We find out immediately that Finn and Rachel did not get married; after Quinn’s accident, they decided to hold off on it for a while. Oh, and apparently Nationals this year will be in Chicago. Since the show shot on location in New York at last year’s Nationals, do you think they might do the same this time, but instead in Chicago?

Speaking of Quinn, here she is in a wheelchair, with Artie in toe. In the hallway (and eventually in the choir room in front of the Glee Club), the two wheelchair-bound students duet on “I’m Still Standing,” an appropriate song that, in this case, is meant to be in a figurative and inspirational sense.

Even though Glee has touched on a lot of serious issues over the years, the show still is a comedy. But I think because it’s a comedy, they didn’t want to spent multiple episodes focusing on Quinn’s recovery, so they decided to skip over the horrible parts and show her doing pretty much fine. But does anyone feel like this performance is a little too cheerful and brushing over the seriousness of what she went through?

At least Quinn discusses what exactly happened to her body. Her spine was severely compressed, and she can’t move her feet or legs. But with time, she can most likely make a full recovery. And her plan is to be out of the wheelchair by Nationals. The look on Artie’s face is one of disappointment. I feel a little bad for him; he finally has a companion that’s in a similar situation and it might not last that long. Then we get the PSA message from her: Don’t text and drive.

Sue vs. Roz

In Principal Figgins’ office, Sue finds out that the swim coach, Roz Washington (played fabulously by NeNe Leakes), will be a co-coach of the Cheerios. With Sue’s condition (of being pregnant), they need the money and sponsorship if they want to stand a chance at winning — and Roz can bring that.

Sue counters to Figgins that if she can get New Directions to win Nationals, the money will come in for the school, and she will have proven to everyone that she can produce a winning team. So she’ll be coaching New Directions in Booty Camp — helping them with choreography.

“Will You Sign My Breasts?”

Blaine’s brother, Cooper Anderson, is in town. (Don’t you just love his name?) Cooper became famous after starring in a commercial. I’m sorry, but I don’t think something like that will make you as famous as the other characters made him out to be. I know, I know — there’s Isaiah Mustafa and the Old Spice commercial. But from the glimpse that we saw of Cooper’s commercial, I don’t think the fame is warranted. Anyone agree?

Kurt starts freaking out upon seeing Cooper. And Sue swoops in and asks if he can sign her breasts. He’s fine with that.

Rachel’s distraught that she caused Quinn’s accident. Quinn says that it’s fine, and she’s not going to let her be defined by this. Good for you, Quinn!

Puck comes up with some “brilliant” idea to expand his pool cleaning business by moving to California. Cause, you know, that’s where all the pools really are. He wants Finn as his manager, but the other half of Finchel says he’s going to New York.

Sue invites Cooper to a Glee Club session, and has accepted an invitation to teach a Master Class in acting, for if you want to be successful in the business. Oh, wow. I can already see where this is heading. The Anderson brothers perform a mash-up of “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio,” which Blaine is reluctant to partake in. At the end, Cooper says to his bro, “I was really great in that number.” Yep, I knew it. He thinks highly of himself, doesn’t he? That fame has really gotten to him. Ego check on aisle 5!

Later at Breadstix (sorry, it’s now the Sugar Shack, I believe), he bluntly tells Blaine that he was pitchy on “Rio.” Blaine can’t stand it when he always focuses in on what he did wrong. Then we’re treated to a brief childhood flashback — I love how the song playing on the stereo is Hanson’s “MMMBop.”

One of my favorite scenes of this whole episode is when Artie tries to get Quinn to wheel herself up a steep ramp outside McKinley. “Push, push!” he enthusiastically yells to her. She finally makes it to the top, and they’re laughing about it. I don’t know about you, but I think the two of them have fabulous chemistry together. Do you think Ryan Murphy would ever have them hook up, however brief?

“Don’t Go To College”

It’s time for Cooper Anderson’s Master Class! And he’s giving such great advice, isn’t he? Don’t go to college. Don’t go to New York. Real actors do TV and film, so Hollywood is the place to be. Turn into a pose. The key to a dramatic scene is pointing. Also, ignore whatever the other actor is doing; put in earplugs and just focus on what your plans are for the scene. The Glee Club is loving it, applauding and taking notes. Blaine, however, complains, but Cooper shoots him down and even critiques what he’s doing in an acting scene.

Later, Blaine’s had enough and is not going to take it anymore. He performs “Fighter,” eventually making his way to the auditorium stage where Cooper’s face is all over the TV monitors. “Fighter” may be originally sung by a woman, but Blaine is killing it here. Way to go!

Is It a Boy or a Girl?

Will and Emma tag along with Sue to her doctor’s appointment for moral support. The doctor tells them that Sue is having a girl. And I had a feeling this was coming. “However,” the doctor continues, her amnio came back with irregularities. As much as we love to hate Sue, it’s hard not to feel bad about the situation. And the touching moment between Sue and Becky in her office? “Just like you,” Sue says. Becky’s advice for Sue to have her work on her patience is very touching.

I don’t think Ryan Murphy quite knows what to do with The Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen just yet, because his character, Joe Hart, is just randomly plopped into a couple of scenes in this episode. Both are with Quinn. Also, apparently you’re not allowed to even text while walking anymore, according to Quinn. Okay, moving on…

Let’s Ditch McKinley

It’s Senior Ditch Day! The seniors of New Directions head to Six Flags, while Quinn and Artie head over to a skate ramp park for people with physical disabilities. There’s other people there in wheelchairs, some with fake legs, even one with no legs at all. After a duet on “Up Up Up,” Artie feels that Quinn is in denial about her condition. It’s temporary, she says. She’s going to get out of this and got to Yale. “What if you don’t walk again?” Okay, maybe they won’t be hooking up. My bad.

At another meet-up of Booty Camp, Quinn brings Joe Hart along. So is he now a part of the Glee Club or what? And Sue says that it has come to her attention that she’s been too harsh on them.

Brotherly Love

Kurt doesn’t want Blaine to waste this opportunity to be with his brother. Show him how you feel through singing, he says. So in the auditorium, the two brothers face off on “Someone That I Used to Know.” I love the lyrics here — so fitting: “Didn’t have to stoop so low. I think of all the times you screwed me over … You didn’t have to cut me off. You treat me like a stranger.” Fortunately, the two have a heart to heart moment, and Cooper sees how talented his younger bro is and wants to be supportive.

The episode ends with Finn and Rachel arguing over their futures, whether they should follow Finn’s path and head to California or continue with Rachel’s Broadway dreams in New York.

Glee provided, in my opinion, a very strong episode here. Having Matt Bomer on didn’t overshadow everyone else, like some guest stars do. Next week, it’s the Saturday Night Fever tribute! And did I hear that promo right — do Santana and Brittany have a sex tape?

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