First, it was Ivy and Karen who vied for the role of Marilyn Monroe. But in a recent episode, the team decided to go in another direction and search for a star in the newly named Bombshell. Now tonight is the night that the star comes to town. Uma Thurman begins her five episode arc on Smash, playing actress Rebecca Duvall.

Four preview clips have been released ahead of tonight’s episode, “Understudy.”

According to NBC, tonight “The show has landed a star, the mercurial Rebecca Duvall (guest star Uma Thurman), but Eileen is thrown into a panic when Rebecca gets stuck in Cuba. Derek puts Karen in as understudy, but she must learn to perform under extreme pressure as he threatens to break her will. Tom and Julia celebrate their anniversary with a ritual — and face some hard truths about what show business can do to relationships.”

First, Derek shows up at Karen’s home and has to apologize. Will Karen be the understudy to Uma Thurman’s character? What would Ivy think of this?

Speaking of those two, Karen confesses to Dev what happened during her and Derek’s first meeting when she could’ve slept with him. What is Dev’s reaction? Check it out below.

Rebecca’s not the only one that doesn’t show up to rehearsals. The actor hired to play Darryl Zanuck is MIA, but have no fear — Tom’s here! That’s right, Tom temporarily takes his place so that rehearsals can go on as planned. Isn’t Tom excellent in this scene?

Finally, as mentioned in the above press release, Rebecca Duvall “gets stuck in Cuba.” But as seen in this next clip, Rebecca finally arrives to the rehearsals. And boy, what an entrance! You’ve got the slow motion, the look from Ivy as she passes by and the depressed expression by Karen.

And here’s a TV spot promo for “Understudy”:

With Rebecca Duvall taking over, how is she received? As Megan Hilty tells TVLine, “The reception [Rebecca] gets is very mixed. Some people think she will save the show, some think she’ll do damage to it … and some don’t see any need for a star.”

And as we saw from one of the above clips, Karen and Dev’s relationship might be heading for some rough times. Katharine McPhee also tells TVLine, “[In Episode 10] it’s just starting to cause a little bit of drama between us. I can’t say why and how, but yes, there’s definitely going to be trouble in paradise!” Oh, I think we now know why.

Smash airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

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