This week on Bones, our favorite new parents are juggling work with their newborn — including having enough organic baby wipes. The latest case tackles the phenomena of extreme couponing, and the lengths people will go to get that sale.

Protective Parents

It’s been six weeks since baby Christine’s birth, which means Brennan’s going back to work. Like any parent, she’s worried about leaving her child. But Christine’s in good hands at the Jeffersonian’s top-notch daycare center, whose director has a doctorate’s degree. Brennan found this out after Booth used his FBI powers to look up the director’s transcript. Brennan is also receiving photos of her baby every half-hour — using HER power to “threaten” the director’s job if she didn’t do so.

Later on, Booth and Brennan visit the daycare center. Brennan rocking her daughter while telling her the gruesome details of the case was hilarious. As was Booth telling her not to enlighten Christine with such images.

But then, Hodgins bursts in with more details about the case, and the whole time I’m thinking, come on guys! There’s children around!

I kid.

But the more Christine gets screen time, the more I’m wondering where’s Booth’s other child? Remember Parker? There hasn’t even been a mention of him! How cute would he be holding his baby sister in his arms?

A Romance Blooms

There’s a nice parallel with the newborn overprotective parents and another overprotective parent — Cam. When sparks fly between her daughter Michelle and squintern Finn, Cam disapproves because she’s worried about Finn’s troubled past, specifically the fact that he beat his abusive stepfather.

But I like the chemistry between the two characters, and he’s a gentleman — he calls Michelle “miss!” I mean, who does that these days? Although at first, Finn obeys Cam’s wishes, I’m glad he found the courage to stand up to her and tell her that even if he loses his job over this, he wants to keep seeing Michelle. And it’s a good thing that Cam comes around and gives her blessing.

When Couponing Kills

I really enjoyed this week’s Jeffersonian case about extreme couponing, made popular by the TLC show. These are people who spend a lot of time clipping coupons — and buying stuff that totals $90 for a mere $3. Sweets calls it an addiction.

When a woman’s body is found with coupons stuffed in her bra, one of the early suspects is “DealDiva,” the victim’s former best friend, who clashed over their couponing craze. But it wasn’t her. Nor was it the employee who has carpel tunnel syndrome from the constant scanning that she does with the endless number of coupons — is that even possible?

It actually turns out to be the grocery store owner, who was sick and tired of the victim digging through his dumpster for coupons when he’s trying to make his store more respectable. He hit her in the head with his clipboard, and she hid under one of those trailer trucks, which then dragged her body along for miles.

Being Away

One scene that struck me was between Angela and Brennan, when Brennan finds out Angela’s been hiding her son Michael in one of the FILING CABINETS instead of leaving him in daycare. She just couldn’t bare to be away from her son, and in turn — without any ill intent, I’m sure — made Brennan feel guilty over the fact that she’s able to stay away from her newborn for so long.

I’m glad the final scene addressed that. I’m not a mother, so I can’t relate or understand (but if you are, please feel free to chime in with your thoughts!), but Brennan absolutely should not feel guilty for being away from her baby! Six weeks seems like a long time (to me) to be on leave, and there’s no way Brennan can be a stay-at-home mom, as good as she is/will continue to be. Like she says, she’s now doing her job for her daughter as well. She just has to find a nice balance.

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