Y’all … I’ve missed this show. This show is as cheezy and campy as the CW likes to be, but I really think it has, gosh, I don’t know — heart. It is absolutely sweet and I just adore almost everyone (except Lemon, but that will be explained).

Rage Blackouts

Hey, remember how on The O.C. Summer suffered from rage blackouts? If only Dr. Zoe Hart suffered from this same ailment; it would save a lot of time dealing with visiting Daddy Dearest, Ethan Hart.

It’s Bring Your Daddy to Work Day, or at least Bring Your Daddy To Work To Save The Dad Of The Engaged Guy You Like. I have it marked in my calendars for April 9 too. Strange. Anyway, I’ve been waiting all season for this smarmy tool/abandoner to show up. Gary Cole didn’t disappoint; he reeked of surgeon arrogance and daddy issues. He is kind enough to let Zoe scrub in, though.

During surgery, the two decide to have a little chat about Zoe’s love life. Cause that is a very appropriate time to do so (Grey’s Anatomy taught me that). So Ethan makes his first bid at my humor heart because I mistakenly assume Ethan thinks Zoe has a thing for George’s dad. Wouldn’t that have been funnier? Alas, he notes the strange connection Zoe and George have with one another.

Then, he has the galls to ask for Daddy a professional surgeon relationship, as colleagues since he is not really her dad. Am I the only one starting to think that Addie is the only one who cares about Zoe, not only in Bluebell, but the whole world?

This entire episode, we are waiting for this big explosion. First, we have to set up the TNT. Ethan discovers Zoe is changing her last name. And rightfully she should, since he doesn’t want her as a daughter. It works both ways, unprintable curse word jerk.

Then, Ethan decides to further probe the George and Zoe thing, giving his two cents. Look, buddy, this is not Grey’s Anatomy. Co-workers just don’t talk about their feelings all the time in and out of surgery.

What I like about this scene, is that it should be an explosion, however, it continues to build until there isn’t an explosion — just a pile of hurt feelings. Zoe is getting angrier and angrier but also more resigned and sad. It’s an odd mix that plays with the scene. Rachel Bilson is good at teary eyed.

Later, we start cleaning up the cleanup. Ethan apologizes for being wrongfully angry at Zoe for her mother’s indiscretions. Zoe, a saint if I ever knew, forgives him and they start a tentative new father-daughter dynamic. I knew it would turn out this way, but I really wished it didn’t. But if it makes Zoe happy, who am I to complain?

Psych! I am the recapper. I get to complain. But I have a bigger issue at hand…

Why Can’t Lemons Be Sweet?

George Tucker and family are ecstatic about his daddy’s chances with the Hart surgeons. Lemon is as sour as her name suggests.

“I mean, she called her father. It’s not like she called the President.” Finally, George is as sick of Lemon as I am and defends Zoe. Since the surgery was a success, it’s time for a bunch of hugging. No one hugged me when I got my wisdom teeth out last month; they just took photos of my swollen face.

Yet this hugging enrages Lemon’s jealousy enough to enlist a minion to scheme. The answer is so obvious: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. In LemonLand that equals a dinner party in which Lemon tries to befriend Zoe. Zoe, thankfully, cuts the bull and swears she won’t tell George of Lemon’s affair. Lemon’s relieved because she gets to continue being who she thinks she is supposed to be.

Okay, an explanation: I’ve compared this show to Gossip Girl in the past (based on characterization) and I’ll do it again. Lemon is trying to be the Blair Waldorf, the queen bee of the Bluebell elite. She schemes, she lies, she has parent issues, she dresses fashionably and conservatively, she has the quintessential man to marry. Yet, Blair Waldorf worked (iffy about right now) because she was an underdog. Lemon is not. Lemon’s actions and behavior is not based on who Lemon is but who Lemon thinks she should be. And for that, I like the complexity of Lemon’s character.

I dislike Lemon though. She cheated on George Tucker, she hates our heroine Zoe Hart, and she toys with Lavon. But I get that she does this because she has a very different view of herself then that of others. She better gain some insight by the season finale, though, or I will flat out dislike her as anything.

They Should Have Made Molotov Cocktails Instead

Would it not have been impressive if Wade and Shelley were competing to make those instead? Regardless, the owner of the Rammer Jammer holds a contest in which whoever comes up with the best signature cocktail wins $500. It boils down to Shelley vs. Wade.

“You are going down like Chinatown. Not cause you’re Asian but cause it rhymes.” Wade, I have missed thee!

Lavon helps Wade because he wants to get drunk. It’s a perfectly reasonable excuse. What do you think is in that purple drink? Eggplant?

In the end, Shelley wins because Wade saves his best stuff for his own bar. Boy’s got ambition.

Drunk Lavon is quite cute and honest. And now George finds out because he sees them kissing. But it is the worst fakeout/confusion thing ever. What a lame cliffhanger that I needn’t bother writing about but —

HOLD UP. What was with the Lowe’s/Hart of Dixie crossover event? Ahahaha I love ridiculous product placement/advertising.

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