After a very long hiatus, Glee finally returns to the airwaves tonight. But it’s also time to look to the future and talk about some of the major episodes coming up for the show, including more on the Saturday Night Fever tribute, Rebecca Staab guest starring and what will happen during prom (Hint: It involves One Direction).

What’s “Saturday Night Glee-ver” All About?

In a previous News Round-Up, we provided a very general and vague, one sentence description of the Saturday Night Fever tribute episode, set to air April 17. Now a more detailed synopsis is making its way around the web:

“When Will worries some of his students are lacking a clear direction for their futures, he tries to inspire them through the music of Saturday Night Fever. While some of the students use the lesson to get a clearer idea of what they want from their lives, it inspires others to take an extra step towards helping their loved ones achieve their dreams. Meanwhile, Sue’s arch-nemesis Roz Washington returns with an eye to wrest away control of the Cheerios, and a student from a rival show choir seeks advice from Kurt and Mercedes.”

So Will wants them to go into the past to help them with their futures? There’s nothing wrong with that, but how is Saturday Night Fever going to help? Also, based on the images that have been released lately from this episode, that “student from a rival show choir” is Alex Newell, one of the two runners-up from last year’s The Glee Project. He follows in the footsteps of fellow runner-up Lindsay Pearce, who also played a rival. Since Alex was awarded a two episode arc, it seems obvious that his second and final episode will be Nationals. Again, following the same exact pattern as Lindsay (except hers was for Sectionals).

Rebecca Staab Comes to Glee

I’m sorry to say I have no idea who this person is, but apparently she’s a soap opera actress, having appeared on such shows as The Young and the Restless and Guiding Light. Rebecca Staab will be appearing on Glee in a very small cameo role in “Choke,” airing May 1: She tells Soaps In Depth, “No singing. Just walkin’ and talkin’ and flirting with Puck while in a bikini. Cougar stuff. My scene is brief, but it’s difficult to get on this show, so I’m thrilled.” Well, we all know that Puck likes his cougars. “Choke” is also Whoopi Goldberg’s debut episode.

One Direction Has Invaded America … Now It Invades Glee

It seems like Prom will be a jam-packed episode, as will all the episodes in the back half of the season. E! Online is reporting that Brittany is the one that “helped plan and put together” prom. And as we already mentioned recently, it will be a dinosaur theme. That sounds like Brittany S. Pierce to me!

Also, as this will be her last opportunity, Quinn will most certainly be running for prom queen. And E! Online is vaguely teasing that either Santana, Brittany or Rachel will also take a stab at running for prom queen. Hmm … for some reason, I want to say it’s going to be Santana.

Glee has already covered Justin Bieber. But what’s the new craze in pop music right now? One Direction, the boyband that got their start on The X Factor in the UK. And their hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” will be covered on the show during the prom episode.

Speaking of Bieber, his girlfriend Selena Gomez will also have one of her songs covered during the same episode. Santana and Rachel will perform Gomez’s “Love You Like a Love Song.” Both of these songs, just based on the titles, seem fitting for prom, don’t you think?

Are you looking forward to the Saturday Night Fever tribute and prom? Are you excited that the show will be covering One Direction? And what about Rebecca Staab? What do you think will happen with her and Puck?

Glee returns tonight at 8pm on FOX.

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