After taking a short break from discussing Glee on his Twitter account to talk about American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy’s back to provide a seventh scene that was cut from the show, and it’s another emotion-filled moment from the season 3 finale, “Goodbye.” He tweeted, “One of the many heart-breaking losses when an episode is 15 minutes long. #criminallyneglectedcouples.”

In this new scene, Tina’s sad that she’ll be away from boyfriend Mike Chang when he moves to Chicago to study dance. His parents show up, and we are treated to a touching moment between father and son. Mike Chang, Sr., has started up a foundation, First Generation Asian American Parents of Children Pursuing the Arts. He says to his son, “I’m sorry, Michael. I’ve wasted so many years. But your passion for dance has awoken in me the true joy of being a parent, being able to actually see the man my boy has become…”

This father and son duo have come a long way since “Asian F.” Take a look at the new deleted scene below:

If only FOX could’ve allowed the finale to be an extended episode, even if it would have cut into local news.

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX and @MrRPMurphy)

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