For the third day in a row, Ryan Murphy has released even more deleted scenes that didn’t make it to air. This time, there are two. And at this rate, they could release a whole new DVD box set in time for the holidays.

Glee Video: Watch the Deleted Bridesmaids scene >>>

The first is a performance that never made it into the final cut of the Michael Jackson tribute episode that aired earlier this year. In this scene, New Directions members Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Artie visit Dalton Academy. (If you recall, “Michael” was filled with plenty of tension between the two showchoir groups.) As they enter, the Warblers, led by Sebastian, perform “I Want You Back.”

Sebastian gets up in everyone’s faces and flirts with Blaine. Afterwards, Blaine says, “I used to be really proud of being a Warbler, not because we were good, but because we were really classy. None of that was classy.” Take a look below and see if you agree.

The second video takes us all the way back to season 1, during the “Hell-O” episode when Glee returned after its long hiatus. And the reason why Murphy is releasing this scene is because of a tweet he received from Lea Michele: “You REALLY need to show our glee fans the Rachel and Jessie ‘Hello 12 Hello 13’ scene that was cut from season 1!!!!!” He obviously couldn’t resist, because he replied back: “For you I would do anything. Pulling it out of the dusty GLEE vault. You are both COMMITTED in it, and I love that.”

Rachel and Jesse St. James are in her bedroom, and she’s having a hard time finding a “hello” song (this was the episode where every song was supposed to have the word hello in the title). Jesse suggests “Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love” from A Chorus Line.

Are you looking forward to more deleted scenes from Ryan Murphy?

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