Aria finds a picture of the strange symbol on Maya’s wrist that Emily remembered seeing during her blacked out state. This symbol may have more meaning than the “liars” previously thought.

Hanna Has to Take a Blood Test

Hanna now legally has to take a blood test to see if her blood matches the blood found at the murder scene of Alison.

Seconds after talking with Caleb in school, Hanna gets a text from “A” telling her to meet without Caleb. So why then is Caleb showing up in his car telling Hanna he sent the text and he is “A”? Does this not make any sense to anyone else? Caleb had the opportunity to talk to Hanna at school, so why all the theatrics?

Caleb wants to be back in Hanna’s life and he is not asking for Hanna’s permission. Caleb wants to help find “A” and he is determined to protect Hanna. What will Caleb think once he finds out Hanna kissed Wren?

Ezra’s Family Troubles

Aria walks in on Ezra and his brother Wesley arguing. Ezra is arguing with every family member that visits him.

Ezra’s brother Wesley picks Aria up from a party Aria and Spencer attended since Ezra was busy meeting the guy he sold his car to. On the ride home Wesley spills the beans about Ezra’s previous love Maggie. Ezra apparently got Maggie pregnant and Ezra’s mom “took care of it.” Wesley thought Ezra already told Aria the news, but he was wrong.

Aria confronts Ezra about Maggie when she gets back to their apartment. Ezra explains that he got Maggie pregnant right after high school and his mom told him she would “take care of it.” Apparently this included his mom paying Maggie lots of money to never talk to Ezra again.

College Application Process

Spencer has been so caught up in the “A” game she actually forgot to apply for college! Luckily Alison’s old friend Cece is a former UPenn student and has a connection in admissions. Spencer and Aria are going to a little college shindig to drop off Spencer’s application.

While walking into the party, Spencer and Aria notice the party is being held at Noel Kahn’s house. Making things even more interesting the girls all get stamped before entering the party. Anyone who has been to a bar or party knows there is nothing unusual about getting stamped. However, the stamp they get is the same symbol that Maya had on her wrist and Emily remembered seeing while she was blacked out.

Aria and Spencer are caught up in serious game of Truth or Dare. I don’t remember games of Truth or Dare being this intense. Aria and Noel have a showdown of Truth or Dare. Spencer is up next. Spencer and Jenna manage to pick it up a notch further. Instead of taking the usual route and making the game sexual, Spencer and Jenna question each other on the whereabouts of Alison’s body and what happened with Emily the night she blacked out.

Jenna seems more evil than ever. This makes me wonder why the “liars” ever showed mercy to Jenna. They had her in a corner when they figured out she was lying about being blind and they let it slide. This could prove to be a mistake.

The episode concludes with Spencer receiving a confirmation that her application was received from UPenn. Spencer is brought to tears finding out that her application got into Cece’s friends hands and her application was received.


The episode ends with “A” getting the key to an apartment.

The tease for the coming weeks is that someone is going to betray the liars. Could it be one of the “liars” themselves? My guess would be Spencer. If she gets accepted to UPenn she may do what is in her best interests to get out of town and move onto college. Only time will tell.

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