Relive the fighting, the twists and the lacrosse in these photos from “Battlefield.”

#20 Stiles provides exposition and gets counseling in return.

#19 Scott has a visitor!

#18 Grandpa Gerard shows off the fun stuff he can do with his new kanima.

#17 Derek is shocked when his Puppies want to leave him.

#16 The Vet teaches Isaac an important lesson on using werewolf powers for good.

#15 Scott cannot play. This makes the Coach very, very sad.

#14 Stiles and Scott confront the fact that everyone is always beating them.

#13 Sheriff Stilinski bursts with (possibly misplaced) pride.

#12 Scott tries to keep his composure throughout Grandpa Gerard’s evil whispers.

#11 Peter explains all of the ways in which Derek sucks as an Alpha.

#10 Stiles gets to play!

#9 They want to be happy for Stiles…

#8 Grandpa Gerard makes his ultimatum.

#7 Was Isaac supposed to be helpful to Scott in this? Because he wasn’t.

#6 Allison goes over to the Dark Side.

#5 Boyd gets understandably fangy after being shot multiple times.

#4 Scott prepares to confront Grandpa Gerard and the kanima.

#3 Stiles scores a goal!!!

#2 Jackson gets his lizard on.

#1 Did Jackson sacrifice himself to save the others?

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