As is becoming tradition with him, Ryan Murphy couldn’t let another weekday go by without posting more Glee deleted scenes on his Twitter account. Both come from season 3, and both are very moving and touching. Before he posted them, he gave his followers a choice of two to vote on: “Gleeks! More never before seen scenes coming. Gonna give you some choices and then make you vote! The most passion wins.” I guess he couldn’t resist, because he ended up releasing both videos, even though it looked like the Santana scene won.

Speaking of Santana, the first video is from episode 7, “I Kissed a Girl,” and shows her coming out to the other McKinley High cheerleaders. She does this in response to a political ad (when Sue was running for Congress) that outed her as gay. Make sure to watch until the very end, because Becky and Brittany end the scene on a lighter note.

Next, we’ve got a tear-shedding scene between Rachel and Kurt in the library from this year’s finale, “Goodbye.” They traded yearbooks to sign (and gave each other two days to do so), but Rachel got done early and has Kurt read it aloud. “You’re the bravest, truest person I’ve ever met. And because of you, I will never apologize for who I am or how I look…” As if this episode wasn’t emotional enough.

Are you disappointed these scenes didn’t make it into the show? (I’m sure many fans wish Santana’s coming out scene wasn’t cut.) Share your comments below.

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX and @MrRPMurphy)

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