Gene Simmons Sex Tape ReleasedA Gene Simmons sex tape.  It exists.  Wrap your mind around that for a little bit.  Why anyone would be cruel enough to unleash such a thing into the world is beyond me, but the truth of the matter is that it’s out there.  This isn’t one of those self-promotional deals, to be fair.  Gene Simmons didn’t release it himself, so we should only be angry with the KISS front man for having the gall to tape himself in the act.  Unfortunately for Gene, the woman in the sex tape (which is said to have been taped years ago) is not his partner of 20 years (and Gene Simmons Family Jewels co-star) Shannon Tweed.  Tweed is also the mother of Gene’s children, though she and Simmons are not married.  The woman in the Gene Simmons sex tape is apparently a model, who Gene met in conjunction with Frank’s Energy Drink, for which Gene was a spokesman.  Only a rock star would make a sex tape with an energy drink model. 

Gene Simmons, who has re-emerged in the public eye recently with his appearance on The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition, has always seemed like a pretty together guy.  He’s clearly a smart man, though he’s been known to be quite the egotist.  I always respected his long-term relationship with Tweed, the Playboy model and greatest soft-core Cinemax star of the nineties.  What this does to their marriage is yet to be seen, but I can’t imagine it will end well. 

The Gene Simmons sex tape also brings up another good question: when a sex tape is released, shouldn’t it be something that people might actually want to watch?  The whole sex tape phenomenon began over a decade ago when Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson shocked the world with their tape, which featured terrible camera work and Tommy Lee steering a speed boat with his wang.  Then Paris Hilton came along and released her tape – it was a monumental event in Hilton’s “career” and since then various washed-up and wannabe celebrities have released their own tapes in an attempt to get back into the public eye.  But, for every Paris and Kim Kardashian tape that people actually might be interested in viewing, there have been countless tapes that I can’t imagine anyone anywhere wanting to see. Dustin Diamond, Amy Fischer, Chyna, and now Gene Simmons.  This is a trend that needs to be stopped.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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