Suits — summer’s most surprisingly good show — comes to end tonight. The final episode, “Dogfight,” finds Harvey and Mike heading to court in an attempt to overturn a decade-old murder conviction. The big twist? It’s a murder conviction that Harvey won back in his days as a prosecutor.

Harvey can beat anyone, but can he beat himself? That’s the big question of the episode.

Crazy stuff is in store in the season finale for both Mike and Harvey. What exactly?

  • Trevor’s back! Messed-up, former-boyfriend-of-Jenny, criminal Trevor… That can’t end well.
  • Harvey is smooth. But is he smooth enough to convince an incarcerated murderer — put in prison by Harvey himself — to hire the lawyer’s services? Of course he is.
  • Louis isn’t in favor of Harvey taking the case. Jessica is. Guess who wins?
  • Litt, Nothing and Nobody sounds like an amusing fake law firm.
  • Mike needs Rachel’s help.
  • Rachel has a woeful lack of knowledge about classic cinema.
  • Chi McBride plays the new District Attorney. He’s a very aloof fellow.
  • Watch carefully. Harvey almost has an emotion or two in this episode.
  • Chi McBride‘s character is kind of a jerk. At least he’s a jerk to Harvey. And he’s a jerk who is happy to play with people’s lives to make a point.
  • The potential bad guys are positively disturbing in their blondness. 
  • It’s really kind of ridiculous how honorable Harvey can be under that smarmy suit.
  • Prepare yourself for one of the best bribery scenes in the history of television. It involves Donna.
  • The biggest question of the episode? What happened with the can opener?

And, whatever you do, make sure you watch to the end. The very end. You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

Are words not enough for you? How about video? Check out the promo for the season 1 finale of Suits below:

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The season finale of Suits airs at 10pm on Thursday, September 8.

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