This month,  All My Children will be ending its run on ABC after 41 years of scandalous hookups and bitter family feuds. In the meantime, there is still so much more to explore in the fictional town of Pine Valley including Project Orpheus, which has brought back several characters from the dead like Greenlee Smythe Lavery, Dixie Cooney Martin and Zach Slater just to name a few. Read on to find out more.  

All My Children Spoilers for the week of September 5


All My Children will be re-airing the August 5 episode in which Erica attempts to escape Oak Haven.

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Carol Burnett marks her return as Verla Grubbs, Langley Wallingford’s (Louis Edmonds) long lost daughter. She’ll serve as Opal’s rival for former lover Sam Brady during a Pine Valley High School reunion. Check out the clip from Entertainment Tonight for a sneak peek:


Verla Grubbs continues to stir drama in Pine Valley as Opal decides to meet Sam along with some backup. The action intensifies as Ryan and Zach find themselves in the police station. David, on the other hand, reveals that he has two more patients who will be brought back to life as part of Project Orpheus.  


JR deals with more challenges, including the foreclosure of his house, but help comes in the form of Marissa’s legal advice. Madison also says sorry to Scott for shutting him out. Will he forgive her?

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Ryan takes the spotlight as he plots his revenge against David but he gets a warning from Jesse and Zach, who discourages him from doing something. Cara finally learns the results of her test and is surprised by the outcome. 

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