The True Blood season 4 finale promises a lot more death, but since we’ve already seen Tommy, Marnie and Marcus get killed, the show is going to have to get creative if it wants to kill more people.

While death might be the keyword for the season 4 finale, True Blood is also ending with some relationship drama. In this first scene from the finale, Alcide makes yet another attempt at getting Sookie to be with him, and he makes a surprisingly compelling argument.

In the second clip, Sam and Maxine attend Tommy’s funeral, and while it’s sweet and somber, it ends with an absolutely hilarious moment.

But the real story of the True Blood season 4 finale is about the death or deaths. In this promo, we see the Population of Bon Temps ticking down at an alarmingly fast rate, so I’m expecting multiple dead people.

Season 4 Finale: Death Is Coming

There are a lot of suspects not just for who might die, but who might do the killing. Marnie has taken over Lafayette’s body, Nan Flanagan has vowed to get the Authority involved and the fairies came back into the mix. Any of them can do some serious damage.

As for who will die? Lafayette and Jesus seem like obvious targets given their current predicament. Hoyt seems expendable now that he’s not with Jessica. The same goes for Debbie. Basically, there are too many options to count, but as long as Sookie, Eric, Bill and Jason make it out alive, I’ll be happy.

Which character or characters do you think will get killed off in the True Blood season 4 finale? And who do you think will be doing the killing?

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