For more than two decades, Freddy Krueger has terrorized children and teenagers by stalking them in their dreams with his burned, disfigured face and razor gloved arms. Soon, however, he’ll be bringing horror on Bones.

According to TV Guide Magazine, Bones has enlisted Robert Englund, the 62-year-old actor who has played the infamous villain a dozen times since the original 1984 Nightmare on Elm Street movie, to grace a slasher-themed episode of the FOX crime procedural series set to air this spring.

In the said Bones episode, Englund is set to play a creepy custodian at Brennan’s old high school. The plot features Brennan planning to skip her high school reunion until a murder sends her and Booth to the scene to investigate.

TV Guide also reports that cast member Emily Deschanel even supplied the show with an actual photo of her taken during her high school years. “They wanted one of me not smiling, so they’re going to doctor it a bit,” says the actress.

(Image courtesy of Wire Image)

Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV