#10 Audra

Active: SierraApart from making the most out of Dichen Lachman‘s Aussie heritage, I actually found cool the idea of having a fan who’s innately protective of her idol. Now, if everyone had at last five of these, the world would be a safer place… or a more chaotic one.

#9 Super Anthony

Active: Victor In what is perhaps one of the more agreeable uses of the Dollhouse technology, Topher gave Anthony enhanced abilities: he is who he is, and then some. Comes in handy when the world is about to collapse.

#8 Esther Carpenter

Active: EchoMaking an active blind is a scarier prospect, although it’s actually because her eyes were hooked to cameras being used by the client before they barge into the religious cult they’re infiltrating. What she did after was icing on the cake.

#7 Clyde Randolph 2.0

Active: WhiskeyAmy Acker’s performance as Dr. Saunders remains one of our favorites, but seeing her in a totally different persona – a more subservient version of Rossum’s co-founder – was a revelation. She can kick ass and can act like a man.

#6 Mellie in killer mode

Active: NovemberIn one of the show’s more powerful reveals, Mellie turned out to be a sleeper active, killing Hearn after Adelle’s “there are three flowers in a vase” phone call – before reverting to her sweet, vulnerable usual self upon Paul’s arrival. The idea of sleeping with the enemy took on a whole new meaning.

#5 Roger

Active: VictorAnother one of the show’s biggest reveals involved Adelle being uncovered as Miss Lonelyhearts, the repeat client who’s hiring out Victor as a suave Englishman for sex and support. The Dollhouse was always seen as modern prostitution, and this just proves the point.

#4 Eleanor Penn

Active: EchoMy favorite Echo imprint saw her become a private hostage negotiator with a personal connections to the abductors. After a kickass first impression, she almost botched the engagement until those very connections led to the case being wrapped up, Dollhouse-style.

#3 Kiki Turner

Active: VictorSure, this imprint is actually for Echo, but in a remote wipe gone wrong, it ends up in Victor’s body. The result is a bunch of awkward and funny scenes where Kiki, not aware that she is in a male body, dances provocatively and flirts with the men.

#2 Topher’s friend

Active: SierraPerhaps the darkest engagement yet, Sierra is turned into a friend for Topher on his birthday. Just a sad reminder of life underground, especially for Topher, a genius who struggles with reaching out. Seeing him happy with someone else for once is, admittedly, heartbreaking.

#1 Topher

Active: VictorThis gets the top spot solely because Enver Gjokaj has got Topher Brink so spot-on – his childish personality, his gestures, and his speech patterns. Of course, the imprint helped many times (super Anthony, for instance) but my favorite would be seeing actual Topher engage with imprinted Topher, talking about Bennett. It’s a classic.


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