Heidi Montag has received plenty of criticism for going under the knife recently, but there’s one message she can’t ignore.  According to Life & Style magazine, the reality star was overwhelmed by hate mail for what she’s done.  Her mother couldn’t stand the 10 hours of cosmetic surgery her daughter went through, but the public is giving her worse feedback.

Joining her husband Spencer Pratt in their home at Pacific Palisades, California, the Hills star announced how shocked she was at the response to her surgery.  The 23-year-old reality TV celebrity wasn’t pleased with the reactions, but we’re pretty sure she’s still pushing through with more surgery after this.

“Spencer ordered about seven bunches of flowers to cheer up Heidi because she’d received a letter or an e-mail saying that her plastic surgery was against God’s will,” revealed a neighbor of the couple.

It was also added that “Heidi’s apparently very spiritual, so this kind of criticism really stings.”  We’ve all heard these two stars of The Hills proclaim their faiths in the past, even getting baptized on television.

This may not go well with many people, and it looks like the celeb is already paying the price.  With the criticism she’s received, we can bet there’d be more.  Is this the sort of attention that Heidi has been seeking?

Despite all the hate mail though, it sounds like Heidi Montag doesn’t really have a problem with trying to perfect herself even more.  “Every starlet is getting surgery every other day to keep up her looks,” she told the magazine.

But a friend of the couple didn’t think Spencer could live with seeing his wife swollen everyday.  He could get used to it, but these days it’s a challenge.

“It’s all a little too much,” said the pal.  “He loved how Heidi looked before this surgery.  Because she’s still swollen and the surgery hasn’t settled yet, he’s a bit shocked.”

Source: Life & Style Magazine
(Image Courtesy of Hollyscoop)

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