I hope you like Gordon Ramsay, because the mad chef is behind three of the four shows coming to FOX this summer. New seasons of Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef as well as the new reality series Hotel Hell will dominate the network’s airwaves Monday and Tuesday nights.

The summer will also mark the return of So You Think You Can Dance, though it will be slimmed down as the show is only going to air one night per week instead of the usual two.

Hell’s Kitchen, on the other hand, will air twice a week for season 10. In a somewhat confusing move, the show will air Mondays at 9pm and Tuesdays at 8pm.

In addition to season 3 of Masterchef, Ramsay has Hotel Hell, which is basically Kitchen Nightmares, only instead of restaurants, Ramsay travels around, fixing up hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts.

Here’s a schedule for FOX’s summer premieres.

Thursday, May 24
8pm: So You Think You Can Dance premiere (the show will only air this one Thursday)

Wednesday, May 30
8pm: So You Think You Can Dance (this is the show’s regular night)

Tuesday, May 29
8pm: Hell’s Kitchen
9pm: Masterchef

Monday, June 4
8pm: Hotel Hell
9pm: Hell’s Kitchen

(Image courtesy of FOX)

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