It has been a long time coming; well, not really. It’s only been a few weeks. Tonight on The Voice, we will see the final battle round! The celebrity coaches will put their remaining artists against one another with the help of their trusted advisers for the last time this season.

The hard part should be behind us, right? Think again! Cee Lo is brought to tears, more than once. Christina pairs a hip-hop artist against a country duo. And Adam … poor Adam. He faces more than one problem tonight. Could this be a sign that there will be no back-to-back championship for the rocker coach?

Team Cee Lo

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds & Ne-Yo

Battle: James Massone vs. WADE
Song: “True Colors” by Cindi Lauper

In rehearsals, WADE is ready for the challenge. James, on the other hand, is extremely nervous, standing next to the piano like a deer in headlights. “You gotta get out from under your nerves,” says Ne-Yo. James needs to “shake the nerves off” and go for it. Learn the lyrics — they aren’t hard — and sing OUT! Babyface was convinced that WADE was 12 years old before hearing him sing. Is this a compliment or no?

Later on the stage, Cee Lo is brought to tears as the guys practice. Who woulda thought? The guy who wears pajamas on national television and holds a fluffy white kitty during his dramatic moments has a soft side.

James starts the performance off; he sounds good, but scared at the same time. James comes in strong and confident. I can’t help but feel a bit bored by the arrangement. Thankfully, it picks up in the middle. The pitches get better, too.

Adam likes James. Blake loves that James already has his own merchandise and is wearing it. Christina also picks James after a more in-depth, technical reasoning. Cee Lo wipes his tears and makes a decision.

Winner: James Massone
Comments: Cee Lo explains that he had plans to make WADE “Soul Brother #2.” How sad.

Team Adam

Advisers: Alanis Morissette & Robin Thicke

Battle: Mathai vs. Nicolle Galyon
Song: “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles

The piano, apparently, is a huge part of this performance and also Nicole’s complimentary instrument. With Robin Thicke, Nicole makes him think of “morning coffee on the veranda.” Morning coffee can’t be everything, though. She’ll have to outdo the uniqueness of Mathai. Alanis Morissette wants the young student to “paint a little longer.” Beverages and artwork. What kind of pairing is this? Onstage, Adam decides to move the piano out. So much for Nicole’s comfort level.

I don’t think this was the best choice of song for these two. Nicolle is extremely off key and Mathai just … doesn’t sound good. I’m sorry. The best thing about that performance was the band.

Blake says that “breathing” caused Mathai to sound better. Christina says that “hands down,” Mathai wins. Cee Lo goes with Mathai, too. Adam says he “was a litle let down” by the performance in general.

Winner: Mathai
Comments: I guess it makes sense to go with the more unique sounding voice, but that performance was lame.

Team Christina

Advisers: Jewel & Lionel Richie

Battle: Moses Stone vs. The Line
Song: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones

Come again, Christina? This is either going to be ridiculous or a stroke of genius. Moses is a hip-hop artist while The Line is a country duo. It’s obvious the kids from The Line are in a little bit over their heads and perhaps Moses, too, but he’s accepting the challenge. Lionel is “pleased to say” that he has the voice after seeing Moses match Christina’s vocal Olympics. The scowl on Jewel’s face does not look good as she listens to The Line. Poking fun at their failed romance, “something didn’t satisfy you,” should help them pull out their inner true artist.

I think Moses has moves like Jagger — Adam may need to watch out! He doesn’t have the best singing voice, but he’s having a lot more fun than the country duo. The Line is still very calculated while Moses delivers an original rap. They have the same lyrics and notes over and over and over again, yet they’re flat. Moses definitely takes this one.

Cee Lo thinks “that was great” and is impressed with Moses. Adam prefers The Line. Blake picks The Line as well. Christina preaches about what she believes The Voice is about and now it’s time for a winner.

Winner: Moses Stone
Comments: Yep, The Line looked like his backup singers.

Christina is the first coach to lock in her six live show artists!

Team Adam

Battle: Karla Davis vs. Orlando Napier
Song: “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates

Adam soon finds that this is the wrong song. Orlando didn’t know the song and it was too high for either of them. So … scratch what you’ve just read!

Song: “Easy” by Lionel Richie

Alanis and Adam encourage Karla to bring out the “Bertha” inside of her. Bertha, apparently, is the big voice living inside of Karla Davis. She finds “Bertha” in rehearsals; lets hope she returns during the battle. Robin displays his familiarity with vowels. Yes, you read right. Vowels. He sings them loud and long for Orlando: “E! A!” Somehow this will help Orlando succeed. Just go with it.

Orlando has a very interesting move as he croons to the girls when not behind his piano. He lifts his leg and twists from side to side while dipping down low or maybe hopping up on his heel. What does it mean that I noticed this and not more of his vocals? Karla comes in on the second verse just as easy as the lyrics describe. You know, this isn’t a bad performance. They’re matched well. There is one point at the end where Karla holds a note out a bit too long and sounds like a broken record, though.

Blake thinks it’s a close call, but goes with Orlando. Christina calls the performance “lackluster,” but ultimately says Karla entertained her more. Cee Lo was impressed with Orlando’s “blue-eyed soul.” Adam doesn’t like to make the decision, but the winner is…

Winner: Karla Davis
Comments: I was not expecting this one. Then again, I didn’t exactly have a favorite either.

Adam’s team is complete!

Team Blake

Miranda Lambert & Kelly Clarkson

Battle: Naia Kete vs. Jordan Rager
Song: “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

Sure, it’s a reggae/pop song, speaking more to Naia’s genre. Yet Jordan’s country roots might work well with the song. The problem is he will have to do some harmony work, which he is not accustomed to. Listening to his rehearsal, Miranda Lambert sits across from the table like an empathizing puppy dog. Jordan has some work to do. Kelly Clarkson is totally on board with the comfort Naia feels in performing the song and tells her to go along with those tricks her voice hits.

This is a reggae song partly, so Naia should be killing it. At least that’s how I see it. Naia sounds really out of breath. Jordan surprised me a little, sounding a lot better than I expected him to.

Christina says the end got a little shaky, but she still picks Naia. Cee Lo agress that the natural choice is Naia. Adam says he “would have to go with Naia.” Blake is “trying not to throw up,” but the time is now…

Winner: Naia Kete
Comments: This is messed up. Blake chooses Naia for “experience.” The song was a reggae song, so Jordan had no chance.

Blake finishes off his roster.

Team Cee Lo

Battle: Justin Hopkins vs. Tony Vincent
Song: “Faithfully” by Journey

Cee Lo is crying again! Now it’s just annoying. The rehearsal wasn’t THAT good. I think they’re trying too hard. Babyface even tells Tony to tone it down some. Sorry, I cannot help but notice that Cee Lo’s pajama buttons have popped open. I could have gone through life without that image! Anyways, quickly back to the matter at hand. Ne-Yo comes with wise words: “The emotion of this song is the power of this song.” Justin might take this one.

Tony is really attacking this stage. No seriously, he’s attacking it. He’s dressed like a theatrical soldier and he’s acting out each and every move. He sounds good, yeah, but calm down a little. Justin, on the other hand, has this growl and rasp about his voice that brings something different to the song. I would rather listen to him longer than Tony. The harmony, though, is pretty awesome.

Adam thinks they were both great, but has to go with Justin. Blake also picks Justin. Christina differs from the boys and chooses Tony. Cee Lo says this is the “toughest one” for him.

Winner: Tony Vincent
Comments: Cee Lo goes on and on about how Justin impressed him tonight, then picks Tony? Whatever.

That’s a wrap for Cee Lo!

So there you have it! The final battles are over. Here are the final 24 artists moving on to the live shows.

Team Christina

Ashley De La Rosa
Chris Mann
Jesse Campbell
Lindsay Pavao
Moses Stone
Sera Hill

Team Adam

Katrina Parker
Kim Yarbrough
Karla Davis
Tony Lucca

Team Blake

Charlotte Sometimes
Erin Willet
Jermaine Paul
Jordis Unga
Naia Kete

Team Cee Lo

Tony Vincent
James Massone
Erin Martin
Juliet Simms
Jamar Rogers

Next week on The Voice, join me for the live shows! I will be conducting live blogs Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 9pm until we crown the winner of season 2 of The Voice. Look over the list, kiddos, because the fate of the next big superstar is in your hands! Okay, you don’t have to take it so dramatically, but still come back and take a look-see at the live blog.

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