This week on Survivor, it’s a busy episode — and both tribes go to tribal council. Colton continues his terror until dehydration starts to get the best of him. The medical team also has to be called again.

Sore Winners, Sore Losers

Colton and his puppet Alicia are running the show for Manano, and they rub it in Christina’s face that she got played. They’re like those two catty girls from high school who talked crap about anyone and everyone because they have self-confidence issues and it makes them feel better about themselves.

Christina handles it well though, and I was impressed that she went up to Jonas and Leif to talk some strategy — that having her around can benefit the two of them when the tribes merge because Alicia also has the girls, and she does not. Too bad for Christina, Alicia stands right behind her for most of the conversation.

They All Scream for Ice Cream

For this week’s reward challenge, bounce a coconut off a trampoline and be the first team to hit all the targets.

A few memorable moments: Host Jeff Probst picking on Alicia, calling her efforts pathetic, and saying his nephew could throw better. Then there’s Tarzan, who can barely even make it to the boxes where the coconuts are — but he surprisingly was the best player, as he connected to his targets twice. There’s Colton who doesn’t hit any targets (surprise, surprise), even throwing it back to himself at one point, yet there he is yelling at Christina to run back faster.

Well, no one really thought Manano would win the ice cream buffet — they probably didn’t either, let’s be honest. Troyzan connects on the final target, giving the sweet victory to Salani.

Colton in Pain

Colton barely sleeps through the night as he’s in immense pain. It started from the head, and then shifts to his abs. Had it been anyone else, I would’ve felt some compassion, but It’s Colton, so I thought he was exaggerating. For someone who doesn’t help look for food, cook food or do anything else physical other than compete in the competition, what does he have to be tired or in pain about?

Unfortunately, his situation becomes much worse, and he looks seriously ill. Christina finds him in the woods in the fetal position, realizing his condition is much worse than she thought too, as she was the one who was taking care of him through the night.

His One Final (Non)Move

Jeff and the medical team come in, and it’s concluded that he has appendicitis. He must be taken to a hospital. As much as I dislike the guy, it’s never good to see someone leave the game, especially someone as drama-filled as Colton.

But, I won’t miss him. His drama is so childish and unnecessary. If I wanted to see that kind of stuff, I’d watch MTV.

Jeff informs Colton that he can pass off the idol that he still has to someone — and he decides to keep it for himself. Did you expect anything else?

Colton is taken away by stretcher … and gone forever. Suddenly, the power has shifted within the Manano tribe without the ringleader, and it looks like Jonas is ready to step up to take the spot. He, Christina and Leif agree to get Alicia out — even though later, Tarzan lobbies hard for Leif to oust Christina.

Life Without Colton

Both teams are summoned to tribal council, where the other tribe is filled in on what happened. Kat, living up to the “dumb blonde” stereotype, asks what appendicitis is, and what she has to do to not get it. See? It’s still entertaining.

And the big move … the tribes have merged! Immediately, you can see everyone literally looking around to count the numbers: It’s six men to six women. Perfect equilibrium.

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