One of the truly amazing things about The Amazing Race is the consistent quality that they produce every season. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and it seems that we have hit one of them. This season has been highly unremarkable, mostly due to the cast that was selected, but this episode in particular was rather ho-hum. Let’s see what drama, and lack thereof, took place on the sixth leg of the race.

If You’re Not First, You’re Last

The racers have just completed their trip through Bavaria, and as they are about to find out, their stay in Europe is over as well. Art and JJ are the first to get their next clue, and they are informed that their next destination is Azerbaijan. Like most Americans, I have no idea where this place is, but as Army Dave is kind enough to point out, it is north of Iran.

There is only one flight to get there from Bavaria, so all of the teams arrive in the country at the same time. To make double sure that there is equal footing, the teams are told to get their clues at a fire temple, which remains closed until dawn the next day.

When the teams finally get their clues, they are also told of a Fast Forward opportunity. Team Jersey and the Army couple decide to duke it out, while the others head to an old depot for their next clue. Unlike the first Fast Forward, it looks like there will be one team that pays dearly for the gamble.

“Beat By A Freakin’ Girl”

At the Fast Forward, teams must unload hay bales and stack them correctly to get the clue to the pit stop. At first, Team Jersey seems to have the contest in the bag, especially with two strapping males on their team. After a few minutes, though, the Army couple work together and get the job done first. It’s amazing how great you can do when you don’t scream at each other. This leaves Jersey very far behind.

The other teams scramble at the depot and get their next clue, which is a Road Block. One person will be fastened in a helicopter crash simulator under water, must escape and get their next clue. The Female Feds, Border Patrol and Kentucky all go through the simulation, and they all pass successfully.

After they retrieve their clues, Brendon goes solo, followed by Vanessa from the Divorcees. The only drama is the fact that Vanessa doesn’t like water or tight spaces, but she gets through the challenge in under ten seconds. At this point in the episode, I was starting to get bored.

Body Hair Problems

The second clue the teams receive is a Detour. The teams can choose to either clean off a man who bathed in oil at a spa or go through a car filled with apples for a specially marked apple. Big Brother, Border Patrol and Kentucky choose to rub a weird Azerbaijani man, while the Female Feds choose to pick through the apples.

While the first teams move ahead, the Divorcees struggle to find their next clue, even though it is right in front of their faces. They FINALLY find it and choose to search for the marked apple. Way in the back, Jersey finally gets to the helicopter simulator. It is clear who is going to lose by this point.

At the spa, we learn that Azerbaijan is so full of oil that the men there bathe in it. All of this while I’m paying $4 per gallon. Now I am just depressed. The teams soon learn how hairy the men in the country are and soon start scraping their bodies clean. At the apple search, the Female Feds find cars packed to the gills with apples. It looks like they picked the wrong detour.

Fist Bump Failure

In the spa, the teams make quick work of their task, with Border Patrol finishing first. They get their next clue which points them to the Pit Stop. Behind them, Kentucky and Big Brother aren’t too far behind. With the Army couple finishing after the Fast Forward, Border Patrol finishes in second, with Kentucky and Big Brother finishing third and fourth, respectfully.

At the apple search, the Divorcees get to work while the Female Feds are still searching. It looks like there might be some drama finally! No, scratch that. The Feds soon find the apple and finish in fifth. The Divorcees have some minor problems and finally finish in sixth. Team Jersey finally gets to the apple search and finish very quickly, but they’re so far behind it doesn’t matter. They finish last in the leg and are eliminated.

All in all, this episode didn’t have much going for it. I guess that they all can’t be the greatest thing on television. But fear not, it looks like we’ll have an epic cat fight between Rachel and Vanessa on the next leg, so hopefully there will be enough drama to make up for this week’s snooze fest.

Chase Gamradt
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