Last night we found out that Piers doesn’t like anything. What will America like? It’s time to find out on the America’s Got Talent, YouTube Special results show! Oh man, I can’t wait to see Gabe in the What’s Poppin’ Orville Redenbacher segment.

Going with tonight’s “YouTube Stars” theme, Rebecca Black is performing (please let her perform “Friday” and not “My Moment” or whatever her new song is. First up to the stage are mega-groups Gymkana and Powerhouse. I hope it’s Gymkana, but Powerhouse must have wrangled a lot of votes, based on size and sway alone. Piers thought both acts would go through, but I feel like he doesn’t really know what we like to vote for. Gymakana moves on to the semi-finals.

Did anyone actually want to see Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain Guy) perform live? Are the judges allowed to buzz him? It didn’t last long enough for that to happen. At least it was the abbreviated version. AT LAST: the What’s Poppin segment! I just love to see people enjoy a good bag of microwave popcorn.

I’m not sure I understand the Keenan Cahill phenomenon, but he performed on the show anyway. With dancers! And Nick Cannon. Ah. Then OK Go performed in body suits on top of a glass table. It was pretty cool!

Matt Wilhelm, TNC Elite, and Aeon are called to the stage next. It will probably be Matt Wilhelm since he’s America’s original pick. I love that he has to wear that glow-in-the-dark guts suit again for no reason. Matt Wilhelm is through and will ride in the dark another day, even though we could barely see him last night.

Aww, Rebecca Black is singing a mash-up of her two songs. We want “Friday” and “Friday” only! You go, girl. Take ALL the seats!

45 seconds later, Kalani Basketball Freestyle, Brett Daniels, Kevin Colis, and Breena Bell go to the stage. Hm. I guess it could be Kevin Colis, but I want that bulldog to win it all. I’m getting good at this show, guys! Kevin Colis is through to the next round. Good job, Kevin!

So the remaining acts are West Springfield Dance Team, Beth Ann Robinson, and my dawg/boy/dog, Gabe Rocks! First, though, Up & Over It, a legitimate talent, performs “Hands.” This is a good night. I just wish I had some popcorn …

NOOOOOOOOOOOO Gabe Rocks is eliminated immediately. The audience boos this decision loudly. I don’t even care about this show anymore, this result is bullsh*t! So it’s teenage dancer vs teenage dancers.

Piers votes for Beth, of course. Sharon votes for West Springfield Dance Team. Howie declares it the year of dance, then disappoints an entire team of dancers by choosing Beth Ann Robinson to move forward.

But wait, there’s more! Sharon wants to bring West Springfield Dance Team back for the Wild Card show! Drama. In addition, we will see Landon Swank, The Kinetic King, Summerwind Skippers, Charles Peachock, Yellow Designs Stunt Team, J. Chris Newburg, Those Funny Little People, Seth Grabel, The Fiddleheads, and Avery & the Calico Hearts in the Wild Card Show next week! I missed one of the acts. It was either Thomas John or SH’Boss Boys. I’m a little surprised by some of the acts they brought back, but I’m glad the Kinetic King is getting another chance!

Are you excited for the Wild Card Show?

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