Sometimes Big Brother 13 episodes are nothing but filler, and that’s the case this week. When special segments focus on Adam taking off his elf costume or Shelly playing a joke on Kalia in the hammock, you know the producers didn’t have enough good footage to fill a whole hour. But we do get a disgusting competition and the return of Big Jeff the Bully.

The Pity Party is Not Over?

After Brendon leaves, Rachel cries. And cries. And then cries some more. There’s really nothing more to say about how pathetic and miserable she is. Then she claims to be over it and she’s going to compete, but that’s just a lie. Also, almost immediately after Porsche gave Rachel’s boyfriend a pity vote to keep him in the house, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan turn on her because, in the HoH competition, she put up Jeff and Shelly instead of Kalia. Yes, one pressure-filled moment is all it takes to go from Rachel’s BFF to her second biggest enemy.

The Misunderstood Twist

On Thursday, Julie Chen said whoever gets evicted this week will have a chance to come back into the game. In the world of Rachel, Jeff and Jordan, that means the person will definitely, 100 percent be coming back. There are no words to express how wrong and how conceited their statements are.

The Have or Have-Not Competition

The incredibly disgusting Have or Have-Not competition involves drinking milkshakes made of three disturbing ingredients and trying to guess what they are. If there’s one thing more disgusting than the drinks, it’s when Jeff tries to cheat by telling Shelly what to guess, which seems like it should be against the rules. Shelly doesn’t go along with him which, like Porsche’s earlier mistake, makes the veterans turn against one of their most trusted allies.

Here are the six delectable beverages:

-Gorgonzola Cheese, Scrambled Eggs and Applesauce
-Corned Beef Hash, Creamed Corn and Potato Chips
-Beets, Dill Pickles and Jalapenos
-Carrots, Canned Yams and Onions
-Sauerkraut, Horseradish and Applesauce
–Spray Cheese, Liverwurst and Creamed Corn

While not very dessert-like, for me, the corned beef hash, creamed corn and potato chips seems like the least offensive, while gorgonzola, scrambled eggs and applesauce has to be the worst combination.

Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Shelly are the losers and become Have-Nots for this week, which means they also get to eat catfish and coconuts. Everybody loves it, except Jordan, who hates fish and doesn’t know if coconuts are edible.

The Anti-Floater Bandwagon

Jordan resents Porsche and Lawon for not doing anything and floating by all season. She also, wrongly, claims she and Jeff have been targets every week. She was HoH once, Rachel was HoH twice (where a plan to backdoor Jeff failed) and last week, Brenchel were the targets. So no, Jordan and Jeff haven’t been the targets every week. In fact, they’ve never been the targets. And if she’s really worried about floaters, look out for Shelly, who has now made tacit final three deals with Kalia and Daniele, AND Jeff and Jordan. That cagey older lady is definitely playing all sides and floating between both major alliances.

The Nominees

Kalia tells Jeff that she wants to nominate him against Rachel to ensure that he plays to win in the veto and keeps it away from Rachel. But Jordan and Jeff don’t like that idea at all and get angry and mad, throwing it in Kalia’s face that whoever gets evicted is coming back (which, again, is not as much of a guarantee as the veterans claim it is). Jeff gets incredibly ugly, vowing that if he goes, he’s 100 percent coming back (not true) and Kalia will be his number one target (which she knows she already was). I hated Jeff two weeks ago for being a bully, but liked him last week for dialing it back. But now, he’s just being a big bully again, trying to strong-arm Kalia into not nominating him.
It doesn’t work, and Kalia nominates Jeff and Rachel anyway, thus destroying any hope she has of getting back in Jeff and Jordan’s good graces, but also proving she won’t back down and doesn’t respond to threats.

The nomination ceremony itself is full of drama as Rachel virtually sits right on top of Daniele to annoy her like a child. When Jordan gets her key, she says she should be nominated since Jeff is going to win the veto and Jordan will be the replacement nominee (which she wouldn’t be). Rachel then laughs during Kalia’s speech and follows that by following Daniele around afterwards and annoying her. Ugh, these veterans are behaving like spoiled children.

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