Winning HoH says a lot about how you play the Big Brother game. Sure, you can make alliances and deals until the moon cows come home, but once you have to make the real decisions, the pressure is on. With Big Brother 13, Kalia’s reign as HoH has shown what kind of player she is, and it’s one filled with self doubt and misguided trust in others.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Jeff won the Power of Veto and saved himself.

Lawon was nominated.

“WHAT?!?”, you’re probably asking. Wasn’t Lawon a part of Kalia’s alliance with Daniele? Yes, and he still is, but after an unfortunate series of events, and with Lawon offering himself as a replacement nominee, Kalia is making the biggest mistake of the season. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach and, if it weren’t my job, I might consider quitting this season since it seems Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are going to skate into the finale.

Here’s how it went down after the PoV competition. First, Adam was going to be the replacement nominee because he was the safest bet to ensure that Rachel gets evicted. Then Shelly concocted an evil plan to trick Kalia and Daniele into siding with her only to use that influence to talk them into nominating Porsche so Shelly and Adam could secretly keep Rachel and screw over Kalia and Daniele.

But then, after that plan seemed to work, Kalia and Daniel second-guessed themselves again and settled on the fact that Lawon could go up, get evicted, and come back via the unknown twist this week, which will presumably make Jeff and Jordan like them again.

It’s a fool’s decision, because they think they can trust Shelly and that Jeff and Jordan will honor their word to get out floaters, but in reality, nearly everyone else has agreed that Kalia and Daniele are still the prime targets next week, no matter what. So basically, Shelly just convinced Kalia and Daniele to aide in their own demises.

No matter what, it all can be traced back to Shelly. The allegedly honest straight-shooter has proven time and time again that she’s the most manipulative and deceitful person in the Big Brother 13 house. She voted to evict Keith and happily let all the newbies think she was still with them, then she sold out Dominic to Jordan. Now her latest plan of evil manipulation involved convincing Kalia and Daniele that she wants a final three deal with them (as opposed to the final three deal she has with almost everyone else in the house).

The sad part is that Kalia and Daniele genuinely think this will keep them safe with the veterans, but it won’t. They are being played big-time. When the dust settles, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Shelly and Adam are going to be in charge, and Kalia and Daniele will have no one but themselves to blame.

There’s also the matter of the twist, which could be even worse. Imagine this scenario: Lawon gets voted out, Brendon wins America’s Vote and beats him, then Brendon returns to the game. If that happens, it’s like the last two weeks didn’t happen at all. On the flip side, if it’s Dominic, he could easily beat Lawon and come back, hopefully to reunite with Kalia and Daniele as part of the resistance, though I’m not sure he’d be eager to work with Daniele again.

So now Lawon is up and, because of the paranoia of the twist and Shelly’s manipulations, he’s going to get evicted and Rachel will stay. The worst part is that Lawon is acting like he’s angry, but everyone else in the house knows this is an act because Shelly spilled the beans. Last week I fell in love with Daniele and Kalia’s alliance, but they just totally screwed themselves and I can’t stand seeing my favorite HGs get played so effectively.

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