Juan Pablo Galavis is raving about the new woman in his life. The former Bachelor star is now dating Venezuelan model and TV host Osmariel Villalobos and isn’t shy when it comes to professing his love on social media.

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“Thanks for COMING in the moment I LESS expect it and when I need it the MOST… Happy Bday. Mi Baby @osmariel and I KNOW is gonna be the FIRST of many together… I love YOU,” Galavis captioned the video he posted two weeks ago on Instagram.

Yo TAMPOCO soy el MISMO… Gracias por APARECER en el momento que MENOS me esperaba y MAS Lo necesitaba… Feliz CUMPLE 🎉🎊🎂 Mi Baby @osmariel y se que sera el PRIMERO de muchos JUNTOS… Te AMO 💕 / Im ALSO not the SAME… Thanks for COMING in the moment I LESS expect it and when I need it the MOST… Happy Bday 🎉🎊🎂 Mi Baby @osmariel and I KNOW is gonna be the FIRST of many together… I love YOU 💕

A video posted by Juan Pablo Galavis (@juanpagalavis) on Aug 2, 2016 at 6:28am PDT

Galavis heard about Villalobos a year ago when a mutual friend showed him her photo and was immediately infatuated. “I asked, ‘who’s that girl? She’s cute,’ ” Galavis told People. “He told me, ‘If you meet her in real life, you’ll die. She’s great!’ “

Galavis then followed her on Instagram. “I thought it was cute, so I commented on her Instagram,” he said of the video she posted of  herself dancing with her nephew in May. “She replied to me, and then I wrote to her on private message. We talked about her nephew, and she said that she was spoiling him! We exchanged numbers and then we started texting each other. And it started that way.”

According to Galavis, they simply hit it off.  “Her birthday is August 2, which is three days before mine,” he revealed. “We’re so much alike. She’s like a female version of me – the Juan Pablo that people know personally, not the TV one!” 

Galavis went on to say that his attraction towards Villalobos goes beyond physical. “She cares for people. She’s very family-oriented. That was important to me. We have a lot in common: we love Reggaeton music and dance all the time. We sing in the car – it’s horrible singing, but we do it anyway. It’s funny because I do better than her because I know more songs than she does. She likes sports, too. We just have a lot in common,” he added.

Galavis made headlines as the star of The Bachelor season 18, where he picked Nikki Ferrell but did not propose nor profess his love for her. The couple quickly became the subject of public scrutiny– Ferrell for her decision to stand by him and Galavis for his bluntness and how he treated women competing during his season, among other things. Their relationship was plagued by gossip and rumors that seemed to foreshadow their split.  

Though  Villalobos is also in the spotlight, Galavis claims that he is enjoying a relationship that’s free from TV drama. “It has been two years since the show ended, and now I feel that I can have a normal and healthy relationship away from the media – even though her job is in the media!” he said.

It also helps that his daughter Camila gets along with his new girlfriend. “My daughter loved her right away,” he revealed. “She had a relationship with Nikki, but she was really young and didn’t understand much. She’s older now and she understands it, and she loves Osmariel. That’s important for me; I have to be careful about who I bring into our lives. I’m looking for a woman who will love Camila and could someday be her stepmom.” 

“I’m impressed by her,” Galavis said of Villalobos. “I’m amazed by the things she says and does. I’m happy to be with her.” 

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