It’s been a while since Adam Rodriguez‘s departure from CSI: Miami has been announced, and up to now I’m still seeing some of you who don’t like the decision. Sure, he’s still around this season, and he’ll be around for roughly five episodes, but seeing him go to be replaced by Eddie Cibrian (and, to an extent, Omar Miller) hasn’t really sat well with you. “What [the show] needs to do is bring back Adam and get rid of Eddie,” one of you said. “He is just no good in this role.” And that was last week–there was, of course, a lot of reaction when the news of his departure first broke.

I’m not sure if you’ve spotted this petition created by Delko’s fans to have Rodriguez stay on CSI: Miami. (Well, I should’ve, right?) If you have, and you’ve signed it already, then you probably know that it’s been going on for quite a while now, with the folks behind it claiming over 1,900 signatures and counting.

I’m actually impressed at what they’ve done. They’ve set up a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter page, and each outline multiple stages in their petition. At the moment, they’ve sent letters to CBS, given away Twitter background graphics, and are now in their fifth stage, which is the Twitter page I mentioned earlier.

And all they want is to see Adam return. After all, he tweeted, “If you feel strongly, let them know what’s on your mind!” and he also hinted in several interviews that the decision to remove him from the show was a creative one, one that he did not choose. (To be fair, he did say he felt it was time for him to pursue other opportunities.) Those behind the petition noted that the departure of a “great asset to the show” would “put a dent in the show’s development”. Besides, the writers just made Delko and Calleigh an official item!

Then again, the storyline that’ll see Eric go is fully under way: he was saved from last season’s cliffhanger, has left the crime lab after issues were raised, and as of last night, has even gone against his former colleagues! As much as seeing a much-loved character go, I think everything’s set, and all I have fingers crossed for is a good ending for Delko’s story. And then there’s the option of him returning to CSI: Miami for guest roles, like what Khandi Alexander (whose departure still hasn’t been filled) and Sofia Milos have done. Delko might have left the crime lab, but surely he’ll still visit to, say, catch up with Horatio?

Still, it seems there’s a pretty good chance that the petition will yield good results, so if you want to join in, you can follow, which automatically gets your signature in. You can go explore from there, and who knows? Maybe this season will not be the last we’ll see of Delko. Not after the love story, please.

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Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV