We’ve already seen one clip from Sunday’s season 4 finale of Dexter.

Now check out two more clips from what Showtime and the Dexter bosses are calling the show’s best episode yet.

Anyone who’s been watching the season, which guest-stars John Lithgow as the incredibly creepy Trinity Killer, knows that the bar has been set extremely high for the finale, the tension is near breaking-point, and the anticipation is approaching unbearable.

Judging from these clips and the finale promo, the claim that Sunday’s “The Getaway” is the best Dexter episode yet seems more and more like the honest truth.

Spoilers ahead.

Check out:
Showtime, ‘Dexter’ Bosses Take Extreme Measures Against Season 4 Finale Spoilers

Episode Promo:

Clip 1:
Arthur goes home and makes unusual (even for him) demands of his family.

Clip 2:
Deb gets even closer to finding out the truth about Laura Moser.