It’s getting more and more difficult to get through this hiatus of The Vampire Diaries. Instead of just waiting idly by and watching reruns, why can’t we imagine our own plot twists for the show?

We asked the fans what they think could happen to two characters from The Vampire Diaries, namely Uncle John Gilbert and Tyler. Both of them seem to be missing out on the action for now, although that might change when the show returns this April.

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How do you think John Gilbert will die on The Vampire Diaries?¬†What’s the best scenario you can come up with? Do you think he will die at all?

Husniye Cogur: Yeah, he is gonna die. When Isobel is done using him, she is going to pull off his ring and rip out his heart.

Luz Mateo Bonilla: He should be thrown into a wood chipper! LMAO!

Jen Ross: I’m sure he will die at some point. But I hope that’s a ways off, because I love him on the show.

Allison Sarah Miller: He better die. I bet he’ll be like hanging from a building with fire below him and the only one that can save him will be Alaric. He’ll be like, “Please save me! I’m sorry for everything!” and Alaric will take off the ring and be like, “I hate you sucka!” and loosens his grip.

Amanda Katherine: I love him and his character on the show. His death had better be epic!

Our second question was: How do you think Tyler will make his grand entrance back to Mystic Falls? Do you think he’ll be welcomed?

Deepalika Goswami: It may be that when Caroline is in some danger. Tyler will save her.

Husniye Cogur: Well, I think when they are done fighting Klaus, he will just show up and I believe welcomed by everyone except Damon.

Allison Sarah Miller: He won’t be welcomed. But I bet he comes back because he got bored in Florida, killed Jules, and returned.

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