It’s not like we need to improve Bones. It’s a fun, well-made and entertaining show. But everything is better as a drinking game!

How would a Bones drinking game work? We have 20 to choose from, ranked in order of least to most dangerous — play at your own risk. Cheers!

#20 Drink whenever Hodgins explains a conspiracy theory

Drink whenever Hodgins explains a conspiracy theory

#19 Drink whenever a stranger assumes Booth and Brennan are a couple


#18 Drink whenever Hodgins and Angela do or say something that reminds you of how fundamentally weird they both are


#17 Drink whenever Caroline calls someone “cheri”


#16 Drink whenever Sweets fails to get Brennan and Booth to do what he suggests


#15 Drink whenever Angela calls someone “sweetie”

(Courtesy of Laura Lee Reitano)

#14 Drink whenever Cam tries to hurry the process along by managing


#13 Drink whenever Hodgins gets irritated


#12 Drink whenever a squintern seems confused by everyone else in the Jeffersonian


#11 Drink whenever Hodgins gets excited by something disgusting


#10 Drink whenever Brennan cites anthropology to refute something Booth said


#9 Drink whenever Booth looks at Brennan instead of at the road while driving


#8 Drink whenever they eliminate a person from suspicion


#7 Drink whenever you see the “cocky” belt buckle


#6 Drink whenever someone swipes a keycard to get onto the forensics platform

(Courtesy of Kaari Firor)

#5 Drink whenever Brennan misses an obvious pop culture reference


#4 Drink whenever you see something gratuitously disgusting


#3 Drink whenever Brennan says something that would be inappropriate if said by anyone else


#2 Drink whenever Booth says “Bones”

(Courtesy of Laura Lee Reitano)

#1 Drink whenever Booth and Brennan share a meaningful look


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