Greek has always seemed like a friend you make in college. The time you spent together is fun, you make a lot of memories hanging out on the quad, but after a while, you’ve done all you can together and it’s time to graduate and move on with your lives.

The series finale of ABC Family’s Greek (airing tonight at 9pm) is like graduation. Like many of my college friends, I know I’ll never see Greek again, and even though I enjoyed it, I don’t mind losing it forever.

The series finale has the characters ready to grow up and move on. The focus of the episode is on the Kappa Tau house, recently purchased by alumnus Lasker Parks. It might seem like a good thing, but things turn troubling when Casey learns that her mock trial case for law school wasn’t so mock, and it forces her to choose between her career and her boyfriend.

Amid the frat drama is also plenty of relationships angst. Dale and Rebecca attempt to understand why their relationships always fail and Rusty and Ashleigh try to move on.

In many ways, the series finale of Greek is exactly what you’d expect it to be. The show isn’t daring or original, it just is. And so the finale doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel, it just quietly resolves all the outstanding problems and ties them up with a neat little bow.

However, true to form, the finale of Greek also has a few entertaining pearls of greatness. Here are four things you can expect to see in the finale that made me very happy.

Dale the Ladies Man

The nerdy and very religious Dale Kettlewell has always been a great sidekick, but in the finale he gets to play leading man, making out with not one, but two very attractive women. He also gets the funniest moment of the episode in a scene with Rebecca where she asks him if he remembers that terrible Matthew McConaughey film. Needless to say, picking out the one she’s talking about isn’t easy.

Cappie’s Real Name

After four seasons of waiting, the finale reveals Cappie’s real name. We already know that his parents are hippies, so don’t expect a normal name, but the revelation is quite amusing and it does help to explain his nickname.

Buffy Alum Guest Star

I’m a sucker for any TV show that brings in a former Buffy star in a guest role, and Greek does just that with a small role in the finale for Tom Lenk, aka Andrew from Buffy, the evil nerd turned junior watcher.

Familiar Faces Return

Greek brings back two blasts from the past in the finale: Wade, one of the Kappa Tau brothers who was expelled because of the Omega Chis, and Jen K., the undercover reporter who posed as a ZBZ pledge to write a scathing expose on Greek life. It’s nice to know that the show remembers its past.

The Greek series finale airs tonight at 9pm on ABC Family.

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