Kathy’s soup-sipping accountant husband asks her about the fashion show. He can’t be bothered to go to events like fashion shows. He tells her not to beat herself over it. For whatever reason, Kathy wants to make nice with Caroline now.

Teresa has some thoughts about the food stylings for her new cookbook, “Fabulicious.” Teresa’s cookbook doesn’t have “like, a million ingredientses” or any bullsh*t spices like cumin, which she pronounces, “comin’.” Speaking of which, Joe Gorga is complaining of blue balls. Aww, that was really foul and I’m sorry about it. Not sorry enough to delete it, though!

Jacqueline’s psychic tells her something we already knew: Ashley is emotionally weak and has “constant PMS.” Oh, and Teresa needs “to sage.” I love this Jersey psychic, with her crystals and haphazard manner.

Jacqueline and Caroline visit Chris and Albie in their new apartment with a couch and a stripper pole in tow. It turns out that their friend Greg and his dog will also be living in the apartment.

This episode is a lot about Jacqueline and her relationship with Ashley. It’s not the most exciting storyline. Things are hard for Ashley because she’s from a broken home.

Kathy visits Caroline to apologize for the ruckus at the Brownstone and to make friends. I think Kathy and Caroline would get along. Caroline doesn’t care about anything Kathy has to say. Kathy tells us she doesn’t care either. Then why are we here?

Kathy’s husband, who looks like he has a lot of money, bought a car for Kathy. He doesn’t like when Teresa “treats her rude,” so he bought her a car for being the peacemaker. I like them.

Teresa Jacqueline, and Caroline go shopping with Kim D. at a store that is not Posche. Caroline tells Teresa about Kathy’s visit, and Caroline is just sick of it all. She tells Teresa to fix it. Teresa has decided to write a letter to Joe (her brother). Kim rolls her eyes, probably because, like me, she’s pissed Kim G. didn’t hear about the filming that day.

Teresa, she of the brains, has drafted her letter to her brother. Jacqueline mentions that Teresa omitted Melissa in the letter but Teresa doesn’t see how that’s relevant. Teresa writes Joe and Melissa off as stupid, but it’s coming from a good place. Is it?

After much deliberation, Teresa wrote the letter and stuck it to the Gorga’s door. Melissa and Joe arrive back from a run, and Joe tells Melissa to read it. Uh oh, is it because he can’t? Oops, I forgot it’s not a Lifetime Original Movie. Melissa reads the letter to Joe, and he does not want to talk to Teresa or accept her half-apology. Joe is being really difficult about this whole thing.

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