I was a tad skeptical at first that Bentley Williams, the single dad from Colorado whose reputation preceded him when he showed up on The Bachelorette this Monday, was truly as terrible as he seemed. “There for the wrong reasons” is a term that gets thrown around a lot on The Bachelorette, and some of his statements in the premiere, while rude and crass, sounded edited and out of context.

But after watching the clip below, the last drop of skepticism has been drained from my well: Bentley is a scumbag! And, sadder still, the worse he reveals himself to be, the harder Ashley seems to fight (or more like beg) for him to stick around. Watch this clip and have your trashcan ready for the ensuing vomit:

“Tickle my pickle”? UGH. Wes Hayden is probably somewhere in Texas right now, thanking his stars and wrapping up a poncho to send to Bentley — preparation for all the drinks that will get thrown in his face after that comment airs.

And it gets worse. This clip is edited down, but in an extended version of that same confessional, Bentley says all he likes about Ashley are her “great butt” and “rocking legs.” The better to kick him in the face with!

Unfortunately, it looks like Ashley is still battling her insecurities that the men won’t want to date her (let’s hope Bentley is an isolated case) and the grosser and more disinterested Bentley gets, the more she’ll plead for him to stay. Why, Ashley? Whyyyy?

At least Chris Harrison gets it. This is what he told TV Guide about Bad News Bentley: “He reminds me of every bad guy in all the John Hughes movies. His name should be Blaine and he should drive a red Porsche or something. Everyone says the producers are jerks and how could [we] do that to her, but she always has the decision, she can always get rid of this guy. You didn’t even see how much I begged her and bagged on this guy on Night 1. When she’s telling me the story, I’m like, “His name’s Bentley. Right there, run!” She said I’m going with my gut and she gave the guy a rose.” Let’s take that as a lesson, ladies: Sometimes your gut has dumb ideas.

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