If you’ve been keeping up with my Bachelorette coverage so far, you know I have only love for “Drunk Tim,” aka Tim McCormack, the liquor distributor who made a splash by showing up sloshed to the first cocktail party and fell asleep before the first rose ceremony. He may not have gotten a rose from Ashley, but he was definitely one of the most memorable bachelors of the night.

Tim talked to the media in a conference call this morning, and while he maintains a healthy sense of humor about the whole thing, he revealed that he did not watch the full episode on Monday night because he was so disgusted by his own behavior. “I literally had to turn it off. It was nauseating.”

The details are still understandably hazy for the 35-year-old from Long Beach, New York who maintains he went on The Bachelorette to find love. He said when he woke up the next morning, he was in “a giant fog as to exactly what happened the previous night,” and could not entirely account for how he ended up so “uncontrollable.”

Tim remembers sharing a few toasts with the other men in the limo, but was surprised when he watched the show to see that he appeared drunk from the first moment he met Ashley. “In my past I’ve had plenty of nights where I had too much to drink,” he said, mostly back in his college days. “But at no point have I ever seen anything like that.”

He said that is definitely the drunkest he has ever been: “It was a one-shot deal, and unfortunately it happened on a night I had been anticipating for a long time.”

Tim mused that “adrenaline” and “nerves” could be possible reasons that he far surpassed his limit, but he can’t be sure and would rather put the experience behind him. “I’d rather own what I did and move past it. […] I would like to chalk it up to me and not being able to handle my liquor.”

As far as his verbal scuffle with Jeff, the man in the mask, Tim said that “even though [he] thought that [the mask] was creepy,” saying anything negative about Jeff would be like “throwing stones in a glass house,” as he was “in no state to make judgments or assumptions about anybody.”

While he is disappointed that America got such a skewed vision of his personality, he also expressed regret that he ruined his chance with Ashley, whom he’d been excited to meet. “My message to her would be that I really do apologize. I didn’t come out there to waste her time.”

For the ladies out there ready to give Tim a chance, he’s certainly learned his lesson: “No more drinking on the first date,” he declared, and said he’s looking for a woman “with a good heart, who comes from a good family.”

When asked if he thought the episode would affect his future dating life, Tim joked that we should ask him again “in a couple months,” but “hopefully not too much. I can’t waste too many more years trying to clean this mess up.”

Aww, Tim! Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself. As to his go-to hangover cure, Tim laughed and said, “enough Gatorade to fuel a football field.” Thankfully, it sounds like he won’t need to use that cure again for quite a while.

Want to get to know Tim in his sober state? Here’s his Bachelorette intro package that we never got to see:

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