After spawning a spin-off in the form of The Cleveland Show and web-toons with Google and Burger King, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane revealed that a Family Guy feature may be not be far behind.  Yes the dysfunctional family, Brian, Lois, Peter, Chris, Meg, and, of course, evil baby Stewie, may just be coming on the big screen as funny man MacFarlane promises to start working on the script soon so they can start shooting within the year.

MacFarlane admits to TV Week that the wheels for a Family Guy film is starting to turn.

“We want to do it.  And it is time.  In the past six months we have seriously started talking about it.  And my hope is that we will get it going within the next year.  Doing the show is a seven-day a week process, so I don’t know how we will squeeze in a movie.  But we will figure it out. I have an idea about what it will be. It’s definitely something you wouldn’t be able to do on the show.  That’s the only reason to do a movie.”

McFarlane, 34, who also does the voice of Peter, Stewie, Brian Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, and Tom Tucker, is also the brainchild behind the Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show and the tie-up with Google and Burger King.  The Emmy Award-winning actor has also graced television in his physical self, in episodes of Gilmore Girls and War at Home.  He is reportedly the highest-paid television writer in history. H e has won an Emmy Award for Family Guy for Outstanding Music and Lyrics and Outstanding Voice-over Performance (for little Stewie).

Family Guy will return this fall, while The Cleveland Show is slated to debut in 2009.  It will star Sanna Lathan, Nia Long, Kevin Michael Richardson, and, Mike Henry.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Rush PR News
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