The phenomenon called “bromance” – two straight guys shedding their macho skin, getting in touch with their sensitive sides and just stopping short of falling in love with each other.  The concept of male bonding or, formally, homosocial relationships isn’t new in literature and art.  But as actor Seth Rogen of upcoming comedy-crime-thriller Pineapple Express proclaims, “It’s a new age of awkward male relationships, and we’re ushering it in.”

According to Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman, there’s a new wave of flicks and shows being dubbed “bromances,” and while there are a lot that come to mind when talking about movies, one show takes the cake on the small screen: How I Met Your Mother.

Jason Segel, who plays Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, seconded this claim.  “We’re a new generation of man, that doesn’t have to hide behind this façade of being macho.  We can be how you actually are.”  The “bromance” between the male characters is said to be very central to the plot of How I Met Your Mother.

In fact, Segel is working on a film called I Love You, Man.  The other star of Pineapple Express James Franco has this to say.  “Guys usually have a problem expressing how they feel to each other.  So, these kinds of (films) tap into that awkwardness.”

A staff writer from Entertainment Weekly was a little clearer with his definition: “A ‘bromance’ is essentially a romance between two straight male friends.  It’s not that they’re in love with each other; it’s just that they have a deep feeling of affection for each other,” says staff writer Adam Vary.

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy chronicling how Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor, falls in love. It is narrated 25 years into the future and ideally relates the events that led to his meeting the kids’ mother. The dynamics among the three principal males has always been a subject of interest to fans.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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