Funny man and responsible for the animated series Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane first collaborated with Internet giant Google for Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, an Internet show syndicated through Google AdSense.  Each episode will run for only two minutes and MacFarlane gets a cut off the revenue generated, so it shouldn’t be all that bad for him.

To expand this venture, however, MacFarlane now decides he wants to do all the ads himself.  And since Burger King remains to be the chief advertiser, it probably won’t be long until we see Peter eating from the food joint, in a series of animated ads.  Of course, everyone was reminded of Homer Simpson eating Butterfingers, and people aren’t so sure if Family Guy will enjoy the same success.

The short and sweet animated series will debut next month with the Burger King ads animated in the same manner.  MacFarlane, 34, promises that even though the ads will appear before the mini-cartoon show, it will not be the same as those annoying ads which you can’t wait to get over with just to watch the show already.

Primarily targeted to the young male demographic (also the main aim of Family Guy), it is said that MacFarlane’s brand of humor appeals to the younger demographic, one of the advertisements had the Burger King mascot appearing for a split-second before exiting the screen while being chased by warriors with poison darts.

“In one, blue velvet curtains withdraw to reveal an ornate movie screen.  The fast-food company’s King mascot, a mute character with a creepy smile, bursts through the center of the screen and runs away.  Following him through the ripped screen are menacing-looking Mayans who hurl poison darts in the mascot’s direction.  It ends with the Burger King logo.”

Both the Burger King ads and Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy are one of the biggest advertising campaigns launched by Google as far as online advertising is concerned.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Gawker
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Glenn Diaz

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