By now, we’ve all gotten a chance to watch Tess Mercer, Smallville‘s newest villain in action. She has been a welcome addition to the cast, bringing to the table a fresh new look and a new, complex villain to battle.

Today, for our final video interview from our visit to the set of Smallville, we find out all about the actress behind Tess, Cassidy Freeman. We caught Cassidy Freeman, who plays Tess Mercer, after she finished shooting a scene with Tom Welling. In the scene, Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) had just come to her with a scoop about Metropolis’ Good Samaritan (who is Clark, of course), which she assigns Clark to write up for the Daily Planet. Clark, wanting to keep his secret identity secret, tries to dissuade Tess from running the story, claiming that Lex Luthor would have thought better of running a “tabloid” story. It’s a tense scene between Tess and Clark, each one trying to suss out the other’s weaknesses, and foreshadows many clashes they’ll have in the future.

Cassidy Freeman really relishes her role as Tess Mercer. I get the feeling that she loves playing an evil character, but she does say that villains are interesting because they have the possibility for redemption. Perhaps this is more corroboration that Tess’ motives weren’t entirely dastardly after all, as we posited earlier. Cassidy does say that her character has minions, though, which would unequivocally point to a not so angelic personality.

Although Tess doesn’t have powers quite yet, we do know that Cassidy Freeman has had a lot of fight training, so be on the lookout for some action sequences with her character. So far, she doesn’t have any meteor-induced powers, but you never really know for sure with a show like Smallville.

Please enjoy our final Smallville video below. I hope you have enjoyed our interviews.

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