Weird episode tonight.  Definitely not in a bad way.  90210 is hitting its stride a little bit, settling into a nice rhythm.  Tonight’s episode probably was the most scandalous in the series’ young life, and it served the show well.  I think I probably enjoyed this 90210 more than any other this season.  But, there were some bizarre plot threads that showed themselves, mostly involving drugs.  But, I’ll reserve judgment until we see how those threads play out over the rest of the 90210 season. 

A new student is introduced to Matthews’ class.  Her name is Kimberly.  She’s a total bitch to Annie, who was trying to be nice.  Kim is from Vegas, and she’s kind of a loose cannon.  In health class, it’s the old “take care of a fake kid” assignment in school.  They have to feed the baby, etc.  Annie and Ethan are “married,” partnered up.

Silver passes out invitations for her half-birthday party.  She’s having it at a cemetery.  Annie doesn’t want anything to do, romantically, with Ethan.

Naomi and Adrianna speak and she refers to her mom as Dina Lohan, which is very funny.  Adrianna expresses her hatred for Annie.  They are both auditioning for that movie today.  Naomi is concerned for Adrianna, who she sees putting in eye drops.  Adrianna is defensive.  Then, they decide to be BFFs again.  They’re totally going to hang out at Pinkberry later.  They giggle a lot.

Tracy talks to Harry.  About their son.  Harry is still in a little bit of shock.  Tracy has decided to hire a private investigator to find him.

Annie auditions in front of a camera for the horror film.  She does great, it seems. Adrianna is having trouble memorizing her lines, so she does some blow.  I doubt this will work.  Adrianna auditions – she’s super peppy now. 

Naomi joins Ethan and Annie at The Peach Pit.  She is pretty bitchy to Annie, and then she leaves.  They’re officially broken up.  Ethan assures Annie of this.  She is not convinced.

Tabitha flashed the gardener, Debbie says.  Tabitha says she was just swimming naked, which she loves to do, especially when Mauricio is around.  Harry tells Debbie about Tracy’s proposal to hire the PI.  He does want to find the kid.  She gives him the OK. 

Naomi stops by Adrianna’s house.  It’s just her and Adrianna’s mom.  She’s really annoying.  She says that Adrianna got the movie role.  They don’t know where she is at the moment though – she hasn’t called Naomi back.  We see where Adrianna is – she’s in a shady car doing drugs.  I doubt she got the part. 

Silver shows Dixon the new paint job she’s putting in at Kelly’s newly vacant house.  Silver flirts with him, then turns the tables – they’re going to watch horror movies.   Silver and Dixon watch a Rob Zombie movie.  Dixon was sleeping, but wakes up late.  He is late for curfew, and gets the business from his parents.  He didn’t get in too much trouble.  Debbie makes a Dirty Dancing joke, but the kids don’t get it.

Silver and Dixon make up, invite Annie and Ethan to the cemetery.  They agree to go together. 

New kid Kim gets a detention in Matthew’s class.

Tracy tells Harry that she already hired the PI.  This pisses Harry off – he wanted to write a letter.  He empathizes with Tracy, who’s had to deal with this forever.  She surprise kisses him, and he’s taken aback.  He’s going to pretend it never happened. 

Kim is really annoying in detention.  When Matthews talks to a teacher outside, Kim asks another student where she can “score some party favors.” 

Naomi approaches Adrianna.  Adrianna is high, probably, and is in denial about her drug use.  Naomi catches her with a vial of cocaine.  Some cops randomly show up to search for drugs with some of those clever sniffing dogs.  Adrianna thinks she’s screwed.  Naomi makes the last-second decision to take the drugs.  She tries to pour them out in a bathroom, but is caught by a policewoman.  Naomi is arrested in front of everyone.  Matthews is pissed off at Harry for bringing in the cops.  He says the kids have rights.  Harry isn’t interested in what Matthews has to say – he just wants drugs out of the school. 

Ethan and Annie confront Adrianna.  She needs to tell the school the truth.  Adrianna doesn’t feel like she’s going to tell anyone the truth.

Naomi is bailed out of jail, and comes home to find her mom rifling through her stuff.  Her dad informs her that he might not be able to get her out of this.  Naomi is really upset.  Adrianna comes over later – Naomi pleads with her to tell everyone the truth.  Naomi needs to get out of this trouble, Adrianna needs rehab.  Adrianna agrees to come to Naomi’s dad’s office to speak with an attorney, set everything straight.  Adrianna is just going to go home and tell her mom what the deal is first.   

When Adrianna gets home, her mom informs her that they’ve been saved by her getting the part – they were about to lose the house.  Adrianna, who was about to tell her mom about the drugs, is speechless.

Party time at the Hollywood Cemetery.  Dixon is trying to get interested in Silver’s interests.  It’s pretty adorable.  Matthews shows up with his date.  He met her online.  It’s really pathetic.  The girl is attractive, but she’s dumb as a bag of rocks. 

They’re playing Psycho at the Cemetery.  Annie and Ethan show up together.  He gets a text from Naomi, saying that everything will be OK, Adrianna’s going to take the blame. 

Harry tells Debbie, while at the cemetery, that Tracy kissed him.  Debbie says she misses Kansas.  She’s a little bit sad. 

Kim makes fun of Matthew’s date while at the cemetery.  Naomi, at her dad’s office, waits for Adrianna to show up.  She doesn’t.  The attorney explains that the consequences are dire of Adrianna does not take the blame. 

The crowd watches Psycho.  Ethan and Annie have trouble controlling their baby during the show. 

Harry leaves the movie to speak with someone.  It’s Kim – Kim, it turns out, is an undercover cop.  She’s with the DEA or something, and they’re searching for a dealer and the suppliers.

Naomi still waits for Adrianna.  She doesn’t show up. 

Annie and Ethan are about to kiss, but the big scare at the end of Psycho hits the screen.  They both wish they had kissed. 

Naomi leaves an angry voice-mail to Adrianna.  She doesn’t answer, because she ODed and the paramedics are trying to revive her.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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