It’s difficult to tell whether Adrianna, Jessica Lowndes’ character on 90210, is good or bad. Yes, she does drugs and pretended to sleep with Ty just to upset Annie. But on the other hand, Adrianna apologized and tried to make everything right between Annie and Ty one episode later.

Tonight’s episode puts Adrianna in another pickle as she gets in trouble with the law over drugs, dragging down some of her friends in the process. BuddyTV spoke to Lowndes on the set of 90210 during the filming of tonight’s episode, so continue reading for details about what happens and to watch our exclusive video interview, plus a sneak peek of the episode.

Before getting into what Lowndes said, it’s fun to note the police cars in the background, where you can see what it looks like on the set, which can be compared to the scenes tonight. The cast also still has fun, as Ryan Eggold makes a brief pop-in to distract Lowndes.

To hide Adrianna’s addiction, Lowndes goes through plenty of hair and make-up, as her character is desperate to hide her secret by looking like a ’50s housewife. Lowndes loves that her character is going down a darker, more dramatic route than the others because she loves getting to do that type of serious acting. She actually spent a lot of time researching and observing drug addiction to help her get into the role.

She loves working with the original Beverly Hills 90210, citing Shannen Doherty’s emotional support and encouragement during their confrontation scenes.

Another highlight for Lowndes was the opportunity to perform in Spring Awakening, because not only is she a huge musical theater fan, but she played the girlfriend of Jonathan Groff (star of the Broadway production I Spring Awakening) in a pilot this year. Hoping for a career in musical theater, Lowndes hopes that if West Beverly does another musical, she could play Elphaba in Wicked.

Romance isn’t on Adrianna’s mind right now because, as Lowndes puts it, “right now her love interest is just drugs.” However, if the show lasts for multiple seasons, she’s certainly hoping to see Adrianna get into the romance part of the show.

As for tonight’s episode itself, we were on set while the cops took Naomi away in handcuffs. This might not be as shocking now since the CW has given it away in their own previews, but it was an exciting day to be on set. However, during that scene, remember that the “school” in the background is actually a parking garage.

90210 airs tonight at 8pm on the CW.

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