Poor Aaron Ashmore. He has the misfortune of starring on a show that already has ridiculously hot male actors on it, like Tom Welling and Justin Hartley and, now, Sam Witwer. What is poor guy like Aaron supposed to do about it?

Well, actually, Aaron does pretty well. He plays the perennially good-natured Jimmy Olsen, whose aww-shucks personality is just so endearing. I’ve had the good fortune of being on set of Smallville with Tom Welling, and while Tom is definitely a very good-looking guy, Aaron seems more approachable and down-to-earth, which is just my type.

But back to Smallville. BuddyTV visited the set of Metropolis on the night when Aaron and Erica Durance were shooting a scene in which Jimmy Olsen gets mugged. It involved some special effects when Clark swoops in at super-speed. It’s really amazing to watch shows like Smallville that deliver cool special effects week after week, and Aaron was kind enough to describe how it is for him as an actor to shoot these scenes.

Jimmy has a lot going for him this season. First, there’s his engagement to Chloe (Allison Mack), and professionally, Aaron shares that his character will be getting more involved with hunting down the story of Metropolis’ “Good Samaritan” (who, of course, is Clark Kent) for the Daily Planet. Jimmy will be learning how to be more assertive this season, but he’ll never quite leave his “gee willikers” boyishness behind.

When we spoke to Aaron, he said that the cast and crew had just completed filming episode 8.5, entitled “Committed.” He said that this was the most difficult episode he has shot thus far because he and Allison Mack had to film many, many scenes in which they are chained down and tortured. (In this episode, Jimmy and Chloe are abducted by a psychotic jeweler after leaving their engagement party.) However, Aaron’s favorite episode that he has filmed so far is “Noir,” from season 6 because he liked getting glammed up and taking on a different persona.

Please enjoy the video interview below, and come back tomorrow because we’ll be publishing our second interview of Allison Mack!

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