If the pressure of performing onstage isn’t enough, try dealing with an irritating egotist who shouts comments at you to steal your spotlight.  Actor-comedian Jamie Kennedy had to deal with a heckler recently, which is just another issue he has on his plate.  Already joining the cast of Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt, he has a number of projects in line as well. 

Last Saturday, Jamie Kennedy was at the Grand Sierra in Reno.  It was his first time there, and he recalled a fond experience regarding heckling.  It happened in Canada, and a guy tried to come onstage and tackle him. “Security guys got him and were going to throw him out, but I decided to let him stay.  Then he tried it again and again.  Each time, I relented until I finally just let him come onstage and we hugged it out,” he said. 

Of course, there aren’t many experiences that ended up that way.  Kennedy decided to compile them in a documentary called Heckler, which he co-produced with Michael Addis.  It was screened at both the Tribeca and AFI festivals, and has been released on DVD.  Heckler also has quite the commentary, with personalities ranging from Bill Maher and George Lucas, to Mike Ditka and Rob Zombie.

“It’s all about heckling, obviously, and how heckling is very common and how people deal with it all the way from onstage to what we call online heckling,” he announced.  With the many showbiz ventures he has, there’s no doubt that Kennedy has all this to share. 

Kennedy was seen in a variety of films and television series, jumping from one genre to the next.  You could first see him in a comedy, then he’ll appear in a tear-jerking drama or a thriller.  He made his breakout in the films Scream and Scream 2, and he’s returning to those roots on CBS’ Ghost Whisperer. 

As a new character, Jamie Kennedy will be playing “a guy who basically is a psychologist and professor who can see and hear dead people and is learning to cope with his powers.”  Portraying Eli, he has to work hand in hand with Jennifer Love Hewitt because of the bond their characters share. 

He has also been pursuing his stand-up career most of the time, taking characters from his series, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, to the stage.  His act also consists of phases in his life, “all comedy and definitely for ages 18 and up. I’m not down and dirty, but I am adult.”

Premiering on Friday, October 3, Ghost Whisperer returns for its fourth season on CBS with the episode “Firestarter.”  It will be featuring Jamie Kennedy for the first time, as well as bringing back its original cast.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Sacramento Bee
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